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Pinterest, unlike to what the popular belief is, is a huge world os possibilities for advertisment. As an e-commerce business, your first instinct would always be to advertise on giant platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Snapchat or LinkedIn might come to your mind second and Pinterest, perhaps, in the end. 

Pinterest actually is much more than just a Social media platform and it is about time for e-commerce businessess to exploit on the opportunity. Pinterest is more like a search engine where you can search for inspiration and create boards which can be revisited with pinned content of your interest ready for you. On the contrary, Social Media platforms like Facebook or Instagram are only about ‘sharing’ content or to connect with one another. 

While Facebook has about 2.4 billion active users and pinetrest only has 3.2 million users, your possibiliy of tapping into an unexplored market is huge. And as a brand of the current day, it only makes sense to exploit all mediums and get to the maximum number of users possible.  You don’t even need to be a big brand to start on Pinterest. With some creativity of your own and designing partnership with Glorify, you can generate awesome-looking Pinterest ads under minutes!

Pinterest Advertistment Image: DIY under minutes with Glorify!

1Create your Glorify account or sign in to your Glorify account

2Browse through hundreds of templates or start from scratch

3Customize with the background, add your branding images, edit text, change fonts, experiment with the elements until you are satisfied

4ave your design and advertise!

Promoted pins and standard Pins are image ads that show a product that you sell. Rehardles syou opt for an organic pin or a promoted pin, the specifications remain the same. An organic pin can also be changed to a paid/sponsored pin at any moment. Glorify lets you make the perfectly sized designs with its professionally created pin templates.  

Promoted pins on Pinterest can also be easily recognized as they appear as “sponsored pins” and hence, they make it even easier for users on the site to buy products that they are looking for. The promoted pins appear on the feed with brand sponsoring and links the ad directly to the sales page. Hence, it is even more important for your advertisement image to stand out – Glorify helps you do just that, at the convinience of drag and drop.

The path to glory begins here

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