Where we started and where we’re going

Want to see more features in Glorify? Suggest a feature

Where we started and where we’re going

Want to see more features in Glorify? Suggest a feature

Our Roadmap

January 2018
A newly graduated motion designer in London stumbled upon entrepreneurship through the Amazon FBA model. Buying and selling physical products... how hard could it be?
Others asked him what did he do that was different:

“ I used my experience as a motion designer to tell a story through the product image carousal, giving the potential buyer an emotional experience of how the product could impact his life.”

Omar Farook, CEO and Co-founder, Glorify

So then they said to him:
“Do it for us!”
And he did. He worked with dozens of ecom businesses, many of them hitting 6 to 7 figure revenues in their first year!

“As a serial entrepreneur, creating marketing assets at scale has always been costly and time-consuming, till now”

Harun Rashid, COO and Co-founder, Glorify

It became difficult to keep up with the requests, so Omar thought to himself “Can I automate this?” He designed a basic app and hired a few developers. Thus Glorify was born.

Of course, it was no glamorous start.
A client, mentor and friend, seasoned serial entrepreneur Harun Rashid saw the potential in what he was building and decided to join forces with him as a co-founder.
June 2019
Pitching at Startup Avalanche, Techsylvania. We were among the fortunate 15 out of 500 applicants selected to pitch at Startup Avalanche in Techsylvania, Romania — the largest Central European tech conference.
September 2019
We publicly launched Glorify 1.0 on Product Hunt and offered a limited lifetime deal which allowed users to pay once and enjoy a lifetime of benefits.We raised enough capital in the market  to continue building without taking in any investment.
November 2020
1 year later we launched Glorify 2.0 on Product Hunt, an overhauled version based on user feedback. This time we hit #1 Product of the Day and #2 Product of the Week on Product Hunt.
E-commerce was just the beginning
User behaviour data carved out a much bigger picture. What sat at the centre of the content design process was the need to have a place to always be inspired and unleash your vision, and the available tools didn’t provide that.

Entrepreneurs and marketers stick to what they know like limited DIY design tools. As they grow  they struggle to work with designers and have poor visibility in the content design process itself.

Pro designers bounce between multiple apps for simple content design and go through an exhaustive export/upload process to get feedback from stakeholders.

A gap had to be bridged between professional designers and non-designers.
July 2021
Omar and Harun knew that going at it alone wouldn’t bring this ambitious vision to reality fast enough. 70 conversations later, we closed our $2 million seed round with Fuel Ventures based in the UK.

“Adobe is an overkill workflow, and Canva is way too basic. We are finally bridging this gap”

Omar Farook, CEO and Co-founder, Glorify

November 2021
We publicly launched Mockups by Glorify on Product Hunt and got voted to #1 Product of the Day and #4 Product of the Week.
December 2021

Building the most balanced content design tool

The vision moving forwards is clear, but our curiosity never ends. The right content design tool will facilitate inspiration at every corner. It will be easy to use for non-designers yet powerful enough for professional designers. It needs to be super collaborative for a growing remote-first culture. It needs to be personalized for any business or company use case.
April 2022

Glorify 3.0 Alpha

The first step was making our canvas infinite to merge whiteboarding strategy sessions with an unstoppable design workflow. Figma proved that a collaborative design process needs unlimited space to ideate and create together. But unlike Figma and other tools, we keep the workflow within a single tool with UX that is easy to understand for non-designers yet doesn’t impact the appeal and workflow of professional designers.
June 2022

Glorify 3.0 Beta

After months of strategizing and developing, the beta version of Glorify 3.0 was finally launched. Our beta testers had the chance to experiment with our Infinite Canvas and brand new features including Smart Shapes and an advanced pencil tool. The UI of the Edit and Assets panel were also improved to provide users with a seamless workflow.

Presentation mode

We are building a presentation view so that you can design and present your big ideas in one place.
November 2022

Video and Animation Beta

Having separate design tools for your image and video formats are a thing of the past. If you can’t work all your marketing assets on a single page in one tool, you will go insane.

And in fact that’s why designers are insane!Kill time with animated presets, or if you’re a motion pro, switch to advanced keyframes just like Adobe After Effects.
December 2022

Plugins Marketplace

We go by a lean toolset philosophy. We’ll provide the minimum tools you need to create wonder and you can choose the rest from our community of 3rd party geniuses.
January 2023

Live Collaboration

Gone are the days of export, upload, wait and repeat. Designers and stakeholders will always be aligned with our comments feature and live collaboration.

2023 and beyond

We are super excited to keep pushing the boundaries when it comes to content design. It is clear from our roadmap that we intend to keep introducing more plugins and features that expand our design tool capabilities.

We have plans to integrate more 3rd party asset libraries such as Flaticon and Unsplash. We have been experimenting with 3D designs, AR viewers and AI writers. We believe we can use HTML to harness publishing capabilties and create responsive emails and websites directly from our canvas. We are also planning a community template marketplace to allow users to publish their work and attract their own audience. And finally, we want to be able to bring marketing analytics and insights directly into the design process so that everyone can interate based on KPI’s.

We are just starting, but that doesn’t stop us from dreaming big.

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public roadmap

Everything you have witnessed above is not based on our own whimsical desires or shiny object syndrome. Rather we have been taking user feedback and comparing it against market trends/demands to design Glorify’s experience with zero bias.

We create prototypes for every feature we build and test it with non-designers and designers alike to make sure we truly bridge the gap between advanced and basic design tools.

Take part in this glorious journey with us and suggest a feature! But beware of what you wish for, we may very well build it!

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