Shadows & Reflections

Make your images pop and give them a pro look by using Shadows and Reflections. No designer needed, all it takes is a few clicks.

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Create Depth with Shadows

Drop Shadows appear behind your product or image. Ground shadows appear underneath your product or image.

Both forms of shadows create depth and contrast, and make your final image stand out.

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Generate Realistic Reflections

Add a reflection beneath your product or image to create a realistic effect. Control the reflection by adjusting its position, transparency and blur.

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Pro Images

Shadows and reflections give your images a professional look, which ties into buyer psychology.


You want your product to look as realistic as possible, so real that your customers can envision themselves using your product.

Sets you apart

Most product images online are flat and lifeless. Shadows and reflections breathe life into images.

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300K+ Users trust Glorify

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