A Helpful Guide to Facebook with Glorify!


Facebook not only happens to be the pioneer that brought in the revolution of how Social Media is looked at today, but it also happens to be the place to get maximum visibility. It has a high number of active users which only increase monthly; the users being from all age groups and walks of life. Hence, needless to say, Facebook is also the ultimate platform to advertise and post meaningful, compelling posts at. Be it your personal profile or your business page, we offer you the privilege of standing out through your ads, covers, and stories.

FACEBOOK ADS – Create A Facebook Ad

Trust us on this – Facebook Ad is no rocket science. With a little knowledge and understanding of the techniques, you can generate an ad in minutes. Take a look at our how-to guide for tips, tricks, and hacks to get you started. Or better yet, get to work with our ready-to-use- designer templates.

FACEBOOK STORIES – Create A Facebook Story

Learn how to generate a compelling story for your Facebook friends and fans with interactive animations, music, texts, and more. You could also always save your design and repurpose it for future stories, or pause and come back to it when creatively refreshed.

FACEBOOK EVENT COVERS – Create A Facebook Event Cover

What use is an event if it is not sufficiently RSVP’d? We save you the worry. Check out our how-to guide on creating Facebook event covers and be ready to host an event that will have your guests talking about for months!

FACEBOOK COVERS – Create A Facebook Cover Photo

Glorify offers various templates that can yield phenomenal Facebook covers within minutes. Explore our themes, color palettes, fonts, icons, symbols – rest assured, we have everything that you need to stand out!

FACEBOOK POST – Create A Facebook Post

Your post could often go unnoticed on the cluttered and noisy news feeds of your friend if you do not yearn for extraordinary posts. Now is that a risk you are willing to take? We are sure not. Create your posts with our Facebook templates and no matter what the occasion, a bachelorette, or a product launch, we got you covered!


At Glorify, you and your business have more support than you would’ve even sought. Watch videos, read blog articles and even reach out to us for any help you need to learn about mastering Facebook and   Social Media in general.

  •  Facebook Size Guide

One size does not fit all on Facebook. Your cover photo, a post, your story, and the display picture – everything needs to go online In different sizes. Save yourself the embarrassment of uploading a cover “too big and stretched.” Learn what looks best and where with our size-guide.

  • Glorify’ Social Media Course

As long as you are not using Social Media just for fun and as a source of entertainment, it might get a little tricky to crack the real code of how things are done on the platform. Tune in to our educational videos and make the best out of this platform for your business needs.


Gone are those days when only designers could ake the most of their Social Media accounts by virtue of their expertise in creatives. We have collated a range of templates and graphical layouts that are designed by such professionals for beginners and those who are starting out. Ideal even for pros, our layouts let you explore your otherwise dormant creative streak by allowing you to customize the layouts. Play with the visuals and out a message that cannot be ignored.

  • Innovative, unique and compelling layouts that can be repurposed for future posts
  •  Well-thought color schemes, appealing fonts, and extra-ordinary combinations
  •  Umpteen images stocked in the library to practice with or even use for free


Designing for Facebook was never as easy, effortless, and fun before Glorify. Be it for purposes of marketing a product or for generating memes to stay in tune with trends, Glorify makes the process as easy as ‘drag and drop.’ Literally, all you gotta do is, Choose a template, drag, and drop images/ text/icons, and it is ready to be seen by the world!

  •  All-You Need Facebook Graphics  At Once

Glorify lets you design everything you may need for your business or personal profile in one place. Create posts, design cover photos, generate memes, devise advertisements and so much more – all in one place.

  • Repurpose and Upcycle Designs

Glorify lets you reuse your designs for future use. Just save the design and visit whenever to tweak it for reuse. Personal or professional, we have solutions for both and all.

  • Never Be Forgotten

Get attention from all your viewers, peers, and even competitions in business with our creative designs without breaking your budget. Boost engagement with the simple technique and straight-forward approach of using designs that speak for themselves.

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