Shopify HD Panorama

Images can speak volumes when it comes to selling a product. You can, perhaps, pen down a 200-word paragraph defining how great your hand-knit cardigans are. But one well-clicked and definitive image of that cardigan are what can really change the game from potential buyers to actual buyers. What is better than just a regular image still? A panorama image!

With Glorify, you can make fantastic-looking panorama images fro your Shopify store and attract more people than ever! There’s just so much that goes behind generating an image that is perfect in all senses. Perfect in size and dimensions, in quality, in aesthetics, and just accurate in general. You, as a Shopify business owner, might not have the time to tackle all of these factors. Glorify nulls the ended for you to spend some major bucks on a designer and lets you DIY your Shopify HD panorama images right here! With Glorify’s templates, you can always also add your own product images to the templates to make the most of your design needs.

Generate an HD Panorama Image for your Shopify Store under minutes with Glorify!

1Open Glorify, browse through the collection of layouts and designs

2Pick out the design that you like

3Upload your photo or pick a relevant sample image from our library

4Customize the image, add filters or edit text

5Save your Shopify HD Panorama image and start selling!

Panorama images can work really great and have your products sold primarily for the fact that they are huge in size! You get so much space to talk about your products; it is like an opportunity each seller on Shopify needs to tap on. If you are a seller that selles various products under one umbrella, panorama works even better! For example, let’s say you are a seller of furniture. With a panorama image, you can highlight the best of your furniture in one place, giving your potential buyers a view of the treat they are in for – all in one place, in one image! Make the most definitive, HD images for your Shopify store with Glorify today!

Do I need to have design skills to create a Shopify HD Panorama image?+

No way! All you need is intent and an account on to create the most attractive yet professional looking Shopify HD Panorama image on Glorify. Boost your e-commerce business in minutes! Just pick a layout of your liking from our selection, use the drag-and-drop design tool to change the images, fonts, colors and the layout is ready to use!

Can I edit my Shopify HD Panorama image once finalized and saved?+

Havings second thought? Got stuck by a fresh boost of creativity and looking to make some tweaks? Your plan B is most welcomed at Glorify. Edit out your generated company background image as much as you like. Just click on “My Files,” browse to find the Shopify HD Panorama Image you want to edit and make the desired changes! The designs can also be conveniently accessed on iPhone, iPad, or Android devices by visiting the Glorify website,

How to brand my company with a Shopify HD Panorama Image?+

Branding works in great ways for e-commerce businesses as they bring in consistency and a sense of uniformity to their brand. You can brand your Shopify panorama images in our templates by using logos, watermarks, standardized theme colors, fonts as opposed to experimenting with new elements in each post that you make. The point is to design images that attract people and that can be associated with your brand just by looking at it. Use logos watermarks, standardized theme colors, fonts as opposed to playing with new elements with each post that you make. Also, keep the same standardization with your images and you should be good to brand your e-commerce business!

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