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Design Shopify Lifestyle Image

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Design Your Shopify Lifestyle Image Online with GlorifyApp!

A lifestyle image, also known as the “Hero” image of a product, is the image that lets the user imagine themselves with that product, eventually persuading them to buy it. Lifestyle images are of great importance though a lot of sellers might tend to overlook the very need of it.
Having lifestyle images on your Shopify store not only makes your store stand out but also gives your store a more premium and quality look.

Let your Shopify lifestyle image build your brand and tell your story!

A  lifestyle image is the one that would occupy most of the screen space and that is why it obviously needs to be nothing less than extraordinary. One of the most compelling and potential uses of the lifestyle image is to help you build your brand as a whole. 

Hence, it is only imperative that you only display the best of the images that you can as the lifestyle image for your Shopify store.

We are all already aligned with the nuances of setting up a Shopify store as step 1. Now after you have delta with all of the other requisites and have built the most attractive Shopify store, it only makes sense to also have the best visuals on your site. 

That is where Glorify comes into the picture to help you out!

Design Shopify Lifestyle Image Online with GlorifyApp

1Create an account on Glorify or log in to your existing account

2Explore hundreds of pre-designed templates and pick what suits your business the best – or even start from scratch

3Upload your own product pictures in the template

4Play with the design, change the colors, add texts and fix the images

5Save and start selling!

Hundreds and thousands of businesses have their Shopify stores set up. For you, your brand and your business to stand out, you sure need to put in the best that you have, but at the same time, some shortcuts hurt no one. Especially when the shortcut is the professionally designed, perfectly fitting templates of Glorify!

The path to glory begins here

Design Shopify Lifestyle Image