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Snapchat, though an app that is more focused on and used by millennials, could prove to be a rather profitable medium for businesses. For the fact that it is an app that is ‘in-trend’ with the younger generations, Snapchat can help generate massive revenues for products that are targeted for the millennials. 

Snapchat itself claims to have about 100 million active users every day, of which, 86 percent fall between the age of 13-37. More than 5 billion videos are viewed on the app each day. Yes, that’s right, even the GenZ is in this app – the audience base is huge!  

Hence, with a viable strategy, identification of the audience, and designs that make statements, Snapchat should not be a difficult code to crack. The ever-updating Snapchat trends may make it difficult for your brand to stay ‘dope’ and worthy of attention, while also adhering to the guidelines could become overwhelming for a business snapchatter. 

Here’s  Glorify to your rescue! With our tools and professional templates, you can instantly create goofy, attractive Snapchat Story Posts and Social Profile Images that grab all the attention that there is – all in one place!

Using Glorify’s pre-designed templates for your Snapchat story posts can be very beneficial for the fact that one size does not fit all at Snapchat. A Snapchat story post, for business or otherwise, is supposed to be a particular size. Designing a story that appeals to the target and also sells can be rather taxing if not done correctly. Why not take the Glorfy shortcut?

Pick from hundreds of pre-designed, customizable, and appropriately sized templates for your Snapchat business account. Or even better, yet, create a Snapchat Story post from scratch while we take care of the dimensions, elements, backgrounds, and most everything else! Our creative team is thrilled to help support your business and take it to the next level! We regularly update fresh designs and templates so you are never caught off the grid!

Create A Snapchat Story

1Create an account on Glorify if you haven’t already; or log in to your existing account

2Explore the Glorify library and pick the layout you like best

3Upload your own pictures in the template or pick one from our equipped library

4Customize the design, change colors, add texts and fix the images

5Save and share!

Fully Customizable Templates

Glorify lets you customize your Snapchat story post to levels that you might get tired of experimenting but we will still have room for more! Our templates can be fully edited with texts, icons, images, backgrounds, elements, colors, fonts, and everything else of your choice. 

Use Glorify for quick and easy Snapchat story posts that are also professional and make your business boom! At Glorify, you can also save your designs and access them at any time to repurpose it for future business purposes. Designs on Glorify can also be shared on other Social Media websites like Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, or Twitter at the ease of a click!

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