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Create Intriguing Social Media Covers for your Brand with Glorify

Creating social media covers was never so easy! Glorify helps you create attractive and fully customized content for your brand. Just pick your template, customize it by choosing from thousands of fonts and colors, save, and share!

Engage your Prospects with an Eye-Catching Covers

Glorify helps you create striking Cover Pages for your business by providing you with the tools and resources. So, create an attractive, and fresh-looking cover today!

Looking for social media banners? Hear, hear! What if we claim that we have everything you need and more? Generate the most amazing-looking, easily customizable, and perfectly fitted templates for your Social Media design needs from Glorify!

With Glorify’s advanced social media templates, post your promotions and social network ads in designs and ease like never before. Glorify offers a 14-day trial period to help you explore and validate our claims. What’s more? All files are free to download during your trial period – no secret, hidden charges, no card required!
Regardless of the platform, you sell on – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or anywhere else- Glorify has the best designs you can look for! Our feature-packed templates include layout, artworks, photos, text, and graphical files which are created by professionals who know the power of designs that make an impact. Looking to advertise offline? Our all-rounder templates do that too!

Signing Up For Glorify

Unlike most sites with lengthy processes, signing up for Glorify takes less than two minutes and comes with no additional, hidden charges or credit card details. A couple of clicks can get your trial period started. At the end of the 14-day trial period, browse and choose through our affordable premium plans and you will never have to worry about a design ever again!

Glorify’s incredibly expansive social media cover templates library empowers you to upgrade your social media pages like a pro. Create stunning designs that give you all the aesthetics to gather all the crowd you could ask for.

Perfectly-Fitted Templates

Size, when it comes to images on social media, does matter. Images too big or too small can end up defying your very purpose of an informative/ attractive image and we understand that the best! Glorify’s templates are perfectly-sized for all your social media platforms and fit the spaces just right. In a couple of drags and drops, pick yourself a distinctive template from the pre-designed template range or start from scratch and make the masterpiece your social media handles deserve.
By focusing on a particular niche, we have been able to dedicate all our efforts to create designs that can never go unnoticed. Make the most of your e-commerce business on social media handles and drive your potential audience with designs that leave a mark. You name your platform, Glorify has designs all-ready to customize, tweak, and implement like your own! 

It’s easy to create amazing cover pages!

1Login into Glorify, click on Browse and select the category Social Media Covers

2Select the platform and size of the header

3Browse through the templates. You can filter them by Theme/Niche

4Select a template and click “Use This Template”

5Add your product photo, remove the background, update the text, and change colors according to your brand’s theme

6Download your image in the format you require.

Is Glorify free?+

Yes you can get started for free for 14 days. After that you have a very affordable plan, we know you will jump in after you trial!

What is the difference between Glorify and other design tools?+

Glorify is built for entrepreneurs selling products. While other tools are generic, Glorify provides tools and templates that are built to glorify your products so they convert better.

All our templates are categorized into niches and themes, and they come in brand kit bundles – a collection of templates for your entire marketing campaign in 1 style. This allows you to ensure your brand stays consistent at every stage of the campaign.

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What other design sizes do you have?+

We cater to all your marketing platforms. We have dozens of sizes for the following areas:

– Website and blog content
– Email
– Social media
– Ebooks
– Product listing and marketplaces

We try our best to keep all of our sizes up to date, and introduce as many new sizes as possible. Click Templates in the top menu to discover more. If you have a request you can always submit it via the chat portal.

Do I have to be designer to use the app?+

Nope. Anyone can use Glorify. It’s super user friendly for non-designers, yet at the same time has huge appeal for professional designers too – simply because you can create stunning and professional looking images extremely fast!

Is Glorify for single users or teams as well?+

Both. You can use Glorify as a solo entrepreneur as well as with an entire team. Teams can share projects, favourites and assets with each other and keep everything organized under 1 platform. Soon we will introduce live collaboration as well.

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