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Great Wall Posts help increase your reach, bring about brand awareness, creates engagement and increases your followers. Create scroll stopping content for Facebook using Glorify’s ever growing library of stunning Facebook wall posts.

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Create your Social Profile Image in 3 Steps


Select an eBook 
Cover Template

Browse through and select from our great collection of unique eBook Cover templates. You can search for templates based on your niche, or a theme that resonates with your brand. If you’re more design-savvy, you can also select a blank canvas and create your design from scratch.


Customise Your Image

Customize your image and make it truly yours. Add your content, change the text, switch up the fonts, add your brand colors using our epic brand it feature – your customization options are endless! 


Collaborate, Share & Export your Image

Collaborate with your team, and invite designers to work on the project with you. Get feedback to make sure that your eBook’s Front Cover is captivating and compelling. Once your Front Cover is complete, you can create the rest of your ebook. Glorify has an entire ebook bundle, with all the pages consistent in style. After you have created your eBook, simply download it.

We’ve got an Ever Growing Library of Social Profile Image Templates

We add new templates to our library every week. We also constantly update older templates, making sure they always look fresh and vibrant and in line with contemporary design.

Design Bundles: Stay consistent in Style

By staying consistent in style across all your marketing material, you cement brand awareness in your customers’ minds. They will never forget you.

Glorify’s design bundles helps you create images for ALL your campaigns. Social Media Adverts & Posts, Email Headers, Website Banners, eBooks, and more, all in one bundle. 

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What is a Social Media Profile Image?

A profile picture is an image that represents your social media accounts, be it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat! These are displayed as an avatar placed next to the account name on posts and comments as well as mentions (depending on the platform).

With Glorify, you can create an amazing social media profile image in just a few simple steps. All you have to do is pick a template, customize it with the help of thousands of fonts and colours, save and share! Engage and reach new heights in just a matter of seconds!

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Do we have to pay to use Glorify?+

Initially, no! Your favorite app Glorify has a starting free pack of 14 days after which we offer quite an affordable plan.

What is the recommended size for Facebook’s profile picture?+

The recommended size for Facebook’s profile picture for a desktop is 180 x 180 pixels and for mobile phones it is 140 x 140 pixels

What is the recommended size for Linkedln’s company logo profile picture?+

The logo size must be a minimum of 300 x 300 pixels, a maximum of 400 x 400 pixels, and a file size of 4 MB (max)

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