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Building a Profitable

3rd Party Application

Do you want to build a profitable 3rd party application, but you’re not sure how? Then whip out those notebooks because this week’s episode of The Path to Glory will see Uri Abramson delve into this topic.

Meet Your Host

Omar Farook

Omar Farook is the CEO and Co-founder of Glorify. Having graduated from London in Motion Design he first ventured into the field of commercial advertising and design. He accidentally stumbled upon entrepreneurship with the discovery of the Amazon FBA model, and found his first success there selling whitelabel products under his own brand. Since the launch of Glorify in 2019, Omar’s name has been rapidly scaling the ladder of the e-commerce world. His vast experience in several fields such as brand strategy and creative design earned him a seat on the prestigious panel of speakers at Techsylvania 2021.

Omar is a creative professional and a product builder enthusiast with a great passion for the tech space.

Sit down with Omar and talk about his experience in:

  • E-Commerce brand strategy
  • E-Commerce design techniques, tactics and strategy
  • Digital Product Building
  • UI/UX Design
  • Creative Entrepreneurship
  • Saas Bootstrap Growth
  • Managing Teams
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