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Your video thumbnail is your first opportunity to dazzle your audience!

Creating video thumbnails was never so easy! Glorify helps you create attractive and fully customized thumbnails for your videos. Just pick your template, customize it by choosing from thousands of fonts and colors, save, and share!

Engage your Prospects with an Eye-Catching Video Thumbnails

Glorify helps you create attractive video thumbnails for your videos by providing you with the tools and resources. So, create an attractive, and fresh-looking thumbnails today!

The job of a video thumbnail, essentially, is to give your viewers a heads-up on what your video has to offer. Having said that, it only becomes necessary that your Video thumbnail is impactful enough to get all that intended attention and views. To make things easier for you, here we are! Glorify offers an extensive range of video thumbnails that will support your videos to boost the reach of your videos. 

Let your videos pop-out online and extend the scope of your channel. Since video editing on its own can be quite a task, it is understandable if you feel rather exhausted by the time it comes to creating a thumbnail. With Glorify, our user-friendly design tool, you can now create aesthetic and professional video thumbnails in under minutes!

Video Thumbnail Templates by Glorify

A video thumbnail summarizes your video and since it is the very first element that your potential audiences would come across, it needs to be a design that captures all attention. Customizing your video thumbnail, hence, comes to great use. A custom thumbnail lets you, as a creator, decide what your audience should see against the platform creating a random, default thumbnail for you.

Video thumbnails that really matter!

Glorify template catalog is power-packed with a pre-designed, perfectly-fitting video thumbnail range to choose from. These templates can be easily tailored and tweaked to suit the niche of your platform. Glorify library has tons of downloadable templates that come all-included in your 14-day trial period without any additional, secret, cringy hidden charges whatsoever!

Create the most perfectly-fitted images with Glorify’s video template thumbnails 

Size, when it comes to design, can make a huge difference. Images too large or too small can disrupt the very objective of the design in the first place. Having taken the matter in our own hands, we ensure that our professionally-made templates are correctly sized to fit your thumbnail space just right. Pick from our pre-designed template collection, a couple of drags and drops, and voila! Your correctly-sized video template is delivered to you in under minutes!

Edit fonts and play with the elements all you like

Our video thumbnail templates come with an easy to use a text editor which allows you to add enticing text to your thumbnail image. Using this feature, you can add text, play with the fonts, change colors, edit to your heart’s content until you get the thumbnail you’ve been looking for!

Get more views on your videos and create unique users every time you post a new video by using our high-quality video thumbnail designs. Our wide range of prepared templates is crafted to make your videos look distinctive. All our templates can be used, sized, and can be customized just under a few clicks!

Start working on Glorify.

In comparison to most sites with complex steps and hidden charges, it takes less than two minutes to register for Glorify. Your 14-day trial period can start with an easy push and trust us, you’d never have to look anywhere else for the most effective, remarkable and classy designs that sell!

It’s easy to create amazing video thumbnails!

1Login into Glorify, click on Browse and select the category Video Thumbnails

2Select the platform and size of the header

3Browse through the templates. You can filter them by Theme/Niche

4Select a template and click “Use This Template”

5Add your product photo, remove the background, update the text, and change colors according to your brand’s theme

6Download your image in the format you require.

Is Glorify free?+

Yes you can get started for free for 14 days. After that you have a very affordable plan, we know you will jump in after you trial!

What is the difference between Glorify and other design tools?+

Glorify is built for entrepreneurs selling products. While other tools are generic, Glorify provides tools and templates that are built to glorify your products so they convert better.

All our templates are categorized into niches and themes, and they come in brand kit bundles – a collection of templates for your entire marketing campaign in 1 style. This allows you to ensure your brand stays consistent at every stage of the campaign.

Go to to learn more

What other design sizes do you have?+

We cater to all your marketing platforms. We have dozens of sizes for the following areas:

– Website and blog content
– Email
– Social media
– Ebooks
– Product listing and marketplaces

We try our best to keep all of our sizes up to date, and introduce as many new sizes as possible. Click Templates in the top menu to discover more. If you have a request you can always submit it via the chat portal.

Do I have to be designer to use the app?+

Nope. Anyone can use Glorify. It’s super user friendly for non-designers, yet at the same time has huge appeal for professional designers too – simply because you can create stunning and professional looking images extremely fast!

Is Glorify for single users or teams as well?+

Both. You can use Glorify as a solo entrepreneur as well as with an entire team. Teams can share projects, favourites and assets with each other and keep everything organized under 1 platform. Soon we will introduce live collaboration as well.

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