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Wish is an America-based and founded online e-commerce platform, just like most other e-commerce platforms, that enable the purchase of goods online between buyers and users. Wish was founded back in 2010 and has been up and running great ever since.

While a lot of people happen to have this common misconception that Wish is unsafe and a scam, the reality lies in the fact that wish is just as safe or unsafe as eBay or Amazon. The only difference between Wish and other other websites, perhaps, is that products take longer to deliver on wish because they are shipped all tHe way from China. This is because most wish sellers are based in China. 

Having said that, Wish, like all other online platforms, also has certain image requirements and dimensions. You need to follow their laid requirement so as to make sure that your products gain the kind of appeal they should on the platform. Even on Wish, like any other platform, product images are what sell and make the news.

Generating the most awesome-looking Wish Product Promo Images is as simple as a drag and drop with Glorify’s templates!

While designing the template of your Wish product images might seem a doable and easy task; it might get a little overwhelming for business owners who already have too much on their plate. Hence, let the designing of product images for your Wish store be taken care of by the professionals!

Professionals might sound like expensive designers, but worry not, Glorify is here to help! Glorify’s product promo image templates especially curated for Wish are all about the accurate visual representation of your products. We not only take care of designs but also the perfect shape and size!

Create the most precise, factual, effective, and captivating Wish Product Promo Image

1Create an account on Glorify or log in to your existing account

2Click on “Browse” and explore hundreds of pre-designed templates under “Wish Product Promo Images”

3Pick what suits your business the best – or even start from scratch

4Upload your own product promo pictures in the Wish product promo image template

5Play with the design, change the colors, add texts, edit the backgrounds, fix the images- tweak it as much as you like

6Save and start selling!

Glorify offers you hundreds of templates that are so easy to use and generate the most awesome looking Wish product images.

Why are product promo images so important when selling online?

On Wish or on any other ‘online’ selling platform to speak of, product promo images are of absolute importance. This is because a well-defined and accurately sized product promo image can help you sell things faster by attracting users to your images. Product promo images on Wish work as a great attraction in terms of capturing someone’s attention – they draw potential users to your product.

Product promo images also can be effectively used for promotional purposes otherwise. You can use your pre-created product promo images for use in billboards, flyers, signages, and perhaps, even your business card.

Have your potential customers ‘want’ to click on your products with Glorify! You never know when and where a visual strikes someone- make your product promo images count!

What is the ideal size for a Wish Product Promo image?+

The ideal size of a product promo image on Wish is 2000×2000. Glorify offers perfectly sized templates in the recommended sizes for you to get there and start designing in minutes!

Does Wish sell fake products?+

As per the guidelines for sellers issued by Wish, “the sale of counterfeit branded goods on Wish is strictly prohibited.” Hence, Wish, as a brand or a platform themselves, are trying their best that the consumers are not scammed on the website with fake products. More on this can be read here

Is Wish only for wholesale buying?+

No, just like Amazon or eBay, consumers can buy individual products on Wish.

Is GlorifyWish product promo image template free to use?+

At Glorify, our designs and templates are tailor-made to satisfy all e-commerce needs. While we do not offer free templates forever, we do offer a free (no card required) 14-day trial to enable you to explore the possibilities with design at Glorify. At the end of the trial, you can pick from premium plans that suit you best, Glorify Pro or Glorify Business, at yearly rates much lesser than that of a designer’s expense!

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