Engage your Prospects with a Stunning Channel Art Image

Spice up your YouTube channel with a captivating Channel Art Image. Glorify’s Channel Art templates have been created with the WOW factor that your YouTube Channel needs to leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Create your Channel Art

Create your Channel Art in 3 Steps


Select a Channel Art template

Browse through and select from our collection of Channel Art templates. You can search for templates based on your niche, or a theme that resonates with your brand. If you’re more design savvy, you can also select a blank canvas and create your design from scratch.


Customize Your Image

Customize your image and make it truly yours. Add your own photo or your product photo and spruce it up with the Background Remover Tool. Change the text, switch up the fonts, add your brand colors using our epic brand it feature – your customization options are endless!


Collaborate, Share & Export your Image

Collaborate with your team, and invite designers to work on the project with you. Get feedback to make sure that your image is absolutely spellbinding. Once your image is ready, you can export it and upload it to your YouTube account. You can also resize it and share it across your social media platforms within minutes.

We’ve got an Ever Growing Library of Channel Art Templates

We add new templates to our library every week. We also constantly update older templates, making sure they always look fresh and vibrant and in line with contemporary design.

Design Bundles: Stay consistent in Style

By staying consistent in style across all your social media platforms, you cement brand awareness in your customers’ minds. They will never forget you. 

Glorify’s templates come in bundles, helping you create beautifully branded images for your social media platforms, websites, emails, marketing material and all aspects of your business – all in the same style.

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Create A Stunning Banner In Minutes With Glorify!

A banner is the first thing any virtual viewer sees on your channel art. Therefore, it’s extremely important to capture their attention right from the start. With the help of the Glorify banner maker you can create your own attractive graphics using the best design tool kits. 

You do not need any design experience to create a professional-looking banner with Glorify. We have an exhaustive library of multiple designer-made, ready-to-use templates with thousands of free colors and fonts, high-quality images and illustrations as well as an image editor.

How To Create A Banner For Your Channel Art With Glorify

  • Open a fresh page

Sign into Glorify or log in and get started with designing your banner by opening a fresh page.

  • Look for the preferred template

Browse through our extensive library and look for design templates that fit the theme of your channel art in terms of design and style. 

  • Use the features

Browse through millions of free stock videos, photos, images, GIFs and illustrations and pick the best ones to add to your channel art banner. All you need to do is simply drag and drop the elements onto your design.

  • Customize your channel art banner

Once you have the theme in place, simply add colours and elements. Then upload your images onto the design to help make it more unique. 

  • Download and publish!

Now that your channel art banner is ready, preview it, download it in the format you like and then simply upload it to use in your channel!

Why Pick Glorify?

Perfect dimensions at every try

With Glorify you can be assured of the absence of pixelated channel art banners and only create high-quality graphics. The template is ready-made and of the perfect fit, meeting the banner requirements and saving time on resizing. Simply drop them into the smart template.

Free uploads

There is no need to re-create your magic if you already have them saved. With one click, simply upload your logo or required image into the editor and drop them straight into your design. In addition, you can overlay your design elements, create gradient backgrounds, play with the transparency of images or opt to use the image library at Glorify!

Multiple creations, one platform

Created one channel art banner but need one more? We’ve got you. Now create all your channel art banners in one place with Glorify using different images, colors and fonts. Save time and energy with every design.

Update in just a few clicks

Want to upload your channel art banner but tired of the hassle it brings? Say yes to Glorify and upload your creation in just a few clicks. Be assured, all your designs are automatically saved, so feel free to create a copy of the design and tweak the colors, fonts, and layout all in a few clicks!

Promote your channel art banner on all social media platforms

Glorify allows you to create thumbnail art and social media images all in one place. Save time and effort while creating the perfect channel art banner.

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What size is a channel art banner?+

The ideal size of a channel art banner is:
-Minimum dimension for upload – 2048 x 1152 px
-Aspect ratio – 16:9
-Minimum dimension for text and logos – 1235 x 338 px
Note – You can also simply use Glorify’s ready-to-use professional templates that are cropped as per the requirements.

What can one include in a channel art banner with Glorify?+

Here are a few things that you can add to a channel art banner:
-Brand logo
-Tagline and slogan of your brand
-Sneak peek video for what the viewers can expect from the channel
-High-quality graphics
-On-brand colors
-Fonts that match the style of your brand
-Call-to-action button

What makes a good channel art banner?+

A good channel art banner gives viewers an insight into your channel and helps grab their attention with the use of the theme, text, logo and font. A good banner keeps viewers intrigued and draws them to visit your channel to learn more.

What is the difference between Glorify and other design tools?+

Other design tools are either super basic for designers or too advanced for non-designers. Glorify is a perfect balance between being easy enough for non-designers, and having the technical power for designers. Entrepreneurs can start solo and as they grow their business, they can invite and collaborate with designers.

Is it possible to change the size of the channel art banner to fit different layouts?+

Absolutely! Glorify allows you to resize the channel art banner as per the requirement.

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