7 Types of Logo Design: Which One Inspires You?

February 16, 2021 | 0 min read

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You can find logos everywhere you look. Most of the time, we might not even notice them but they are part of our daily life. We are surrounded by them. I have five brands with their unique logo on my desk right now! Well, we probably don’t give much thought to logos if we don’t have to think about creating a design ourselves. But what if we do? What if you have to come up with a logo for a particular brand? What kind of logo design of the 7 types of logos would you go for? 

7 types of logos

This is an important question, as the very first thing that customers will notice is the brand logo. Furthermore, a good logo can have a powerful visual impact on your potential customers. It helps your brand stand out against the competitors because of its uniqueness in ads, marketing campaigns, brochures, etc.

In this article, we are going to focus on the 7 different types of logos. We’ll discuss all of them and pinpoint the pros and cons so that you can make the best decision when creating a logo design for yourself.

What Are the 7 Types of Logos?

The 7 different kinds of logos can be placed into these categories: emblems, pictorial marks, logotypes, lettermarks, abstract logos, mascot logos, and combination logos. Let’s learn more about them!

1. Emblem logos

Emblem logos

Emblems as one of the 7 types of logos are logos that have existed since forever. They can be seals, stamps, crests, government agencies, or prestigious school logos. An emblem is a logotype that consists of a text, symbol, or imagery inside a geometric shape. This logotype has the power to give your brand a traditional feel. Unlike other types of logos, they are often richer in detail which gives your brand an official look.


Your brand will surely stand the test of time once you come up with a good emblem logo. Besides that, the chance of finding another brand with a logo similar to yours is notably smaller. Emblem logos are memorable, professional, and give a powerful feel to your brand. 


Scalability is probably the only disadvantage to the emblem logo, one of the least scalable of all 7 types of logos . Since there are so many details, when resized to a smaller resolution or not so readable place on a billboard, they may not look so good.

Some of the most popular and prestigious universities have an emblem logo, DC’s Superman, Stella Artois beer, or Harley Davidson’s “Bar and Shield” logo is recognized worldwide.

2. Pictorial mark logos

Pictorial mark logos

Pictorial mark logo or brand mark is when imagery is reduced to its most symbolic meaning. For this reason, if you’re inclining towards this type of logo design, it has to be extremely representative. It should contain elements that will make your audience associate it with your brand. 

For instance, Starbucks for the longest time had two different types of logos. However, after the company became established on the market, it changed from an emblem to a symbol over time. 

If you’ve just started your business and want to adopt this logotype, go for it! However, bear in mind that for a while, you’ll have to use a wordmark associated with the symbol. Just until people will get acquainted with your products or services.


Your brand can be expressed through a simple image or symbol. For example, Apple, its name is also its symbol. This works out perfectly because its name is drawn literally from the brand mark. You can use this logotype in another great way which is by conveying a meaningful idea through a symbol, where you can’t express it in words.


If your business is still new and you haven’t managed to have a solid base and a stable target audience yet, it’s better to start with something more precise for your brand’s logo. You can adapt it as a brand mark later.  For example, Twitter and Target. Due to their popularity, they can now be used without any text but at first, the brand’s name did appear in the logo as well.

3. Logotypes or Wordmark

Logotypes or Wordmark

This type of logo design is one of the most powerful of all the 7 types of logos out there. It is also known as the wordmark logos. Its definition is pretty simple because it is entirely based on the company’s name. You won’t find any symbols, graphic patterns, or emblems on a logotype design. 

Considering the main feature of this type of logo design is typography, the best choice is to design a font specially for your logo. The fonts’ style and color will create a whole new identity for your brand. As a result, you’ll be able to build uniqueness through your font and brand’s name. You’ll also help people make the connection between the logo and the brand in an instant. Isn’t that remarkable?


This simple yet impactful way will get your brand’s name out there. You can mix it with other elements and create different types of logo variations once you have the font and your logo’s style. It also helps new businesses that need fast recognition. 


This type of logo design won’t work if your brand has a long name. Additionally, with time you have to change the fonts to keep up with the latest font design trends.

4. Lettermark logos

Lettermark logos

Lettermarks are a cool way if you want to reduce your brand’s name to an acronym. You just need to take the initials from each word of your brand’s name and there you go! You’ve got yourself a logo! The only part left is the typography.  Since the letter mark logo design uses just a few letters, you’ll have to come up with an eye-catching and unique font for your brand.

For example, Home Box Office or more commonly known as HBO boldly uses the lettermark logo with the letter “O” that resembles a camera lens. Also, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration writes NASA in a futuristic and unique font. Another example is the famous clothing brand, Louis Vuitton.


If your brand’s name has a lot of words, then this logotype of all the 7 types of logo designs will be perfect for you. Especially if you don’t want to use a visual symbol as a logo.


If you’re a new company on the market using a letter mark logo, it may confuse your audience. But this situation has an easy solution. At first, you can use your lettermark logo, and place the full name underneath it.

5. Abstract logos

Abstract logos

An abstract logo is the only logo of all the 7 types of logo which is made of an image without any letters. This type of logo is the visual representation of a feeling you want your brand to evoke. When you’re new to the market, it can be a bit risky to use because not everyone will interpret an abstract representation in the same way. However, with a good strategy behind it, your unique brand logo will separate you from all the competitors out there.


You’ll be able to create something unique and instantly recognizable on the market, with an abstract logo that manages to showcase your brand’s identity. Another reason is that it’s versatile, you can use it in advertising campaigns and on branded merchandise.


If you’re a new brand trying to make a name for itself, you may have to put some extra effort into helping your audience know your brand’s reputation. You have to create an abstract logo that conveys the specific feeling you’re striving for. So, just until people get to know you join in the brand’s name with it for a while.

A popular example is Nike’s abstract logo with the famous swoosh, which can work on its own because the brand is highly well-known. But you can still see it together with the brand’s name sometimes. Other examples of different types of abstract logos are Airbnb and Pepsi, both of which are sometimes accompanied by their brand names, and even without them, you recognize them immediately. Moreover, Airbnb transitioned to an abstract logo that brings together its core values.

6. Mascot logo

Mascot logo

A mascot logo as one of the 7 types of logo design consists of a drawing of a person or a non-human entity that received human form or human qualities. Mascot logos create a positive and friendly feeling towards your target audience. Depending on the message you’re trying to convey, you can use a mascot logo and give it different expressions and representations. This type of logo is usually used for sports teams, food brands, or service companies.


If the target audience of your brand is families and children, then the mascot logo is a great way to go as it will help you establish a fun and friendly approach.


If your brand wants to send a serious, professional message, you definitely can’t use a mascot logo. The mascot logos are sincere and happy and are inviting their audiences to try the brands. 

7. Combination logo marks

Combination logo marks

This logo design as another rather famous of all the 7 types of logo is a mixture of multiple different logotypes. If you are unsure about which one type of logo you want to go for, just simply combine them. You coil place lettering near mascots, symbols, abstract forms, or you could create a fusion of a monogram and an abstract logo. Do whatever works for you! 

Remember that it is part of your brand’s identity and just pay attention to the message you’re trying to send through your logo. So, if you want to include imagery into your logo but it feels like you need words to make sure your audience gets exactly what you’re saying, then go for it. The best thing about this logotype is that once people can recognize you, it’s easier to be flexible on the logo and use it in multiple ways. Sometimes you can use just the text and other times you can just use the imagery.


 If you want your future logo to be adaptable to changes, this is an excellent option.


If you’re aiming for something minimalist and simple, then this type of logo could overload your visual branding. 


Your brand’s logo sets the foundation of your unique business identity. Moreover, designing your brand’s logo is a creative and fun process. So, when you start brainstorming ideas for your logo design, think of your brand’s core values, what it represents, and how you’ll want to display them to the world. After all, this is how your brand will be remembered forever. Based on these types of logos, try to design multiple options as your brand’s logo, then show them to a couple of people, and see how they respond. This should help you evaluate your design and performance.

We hope this article about the 7 types of logo design was helpful and gave you some ideas about which type of logo design would be best for your business. Always remember, that with designing it’s all in the details!

7 Different Types of Logos FAQs

1. What are the most famous logos?

Some of the most iconic logos of all time are Starbucks, Mcdonald’s, Apple, Mercedes, Pepsi, Nike, and Coca-Cola, among others.

2. How many variations of a logo should you have?

A professionally designed brand should have up to four logo variations. Each of the variations should be suitable for different print and digital use cases. This is because one of them is your primary logo, and the other three are complementary logos.

3. Can you have 2 logos?

Having multiple logos can give off mixed messages and can weaken your marketing and branding efforts.

4. What are the 5 characteristics of a logo?

Your brand’s logo should be simple, relevant, memorable, timeless, and versatile.


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