8 Best Logo Design You Can Build Using Your Smartphone

October 29, 2020 | 0 min read


Logos are an important facet of a brand and the best part is that you have many choices like the logo marker apps to help you make a logo. But, the only setback is that it is expensive especially if you’re a start-up entrepreneur which is why we have best logo design apps for your rescue. 

If you do not have the income needed to build a logo professionally, online logo maker apps and the best logo design apps can help you with a great deal. 

Why use one of these best logo design apps instead of desktop-based services? 

Desktops do offer a larger screen view and help edit your logo till it’s pixel-perfect compared to the smaller screen. Nonetheless, designing on your mobile has its advantages:

Firstly it can be operated anytime and anywhere as the life of an entrepreneur is often on the move with meetings lined up. The app craves only 10 minutes as opposed to needing to sit down and get the work done.

Why an app instead of desktop based services

Mobile apps are more user-friendly than most of their web counterparts. As the mobile screen real estate is smaller which makes the apps typically very well organized leading one step of creating a logo to the next without a hassle. Fingers can be used to resize, rotate, and move things easier and more fun than a mouse.

Mobile logo maker apps offer more modern designs compared to the web-based logo makers.

It is seen as a good brand for creating a site for business-to-consumer brands or event-based logos as the designs are super fun, fresh, and whimsical compared to the more traditional options on the web. 

Here are a few best logo design apps that have been tested and served the purpose- 

1. Logo Maker Shop  – Best Logo Design App

When starting with a blank canvas it’s advised to look up at the logo templates that the app has to offer. Once you have your picked template, customize the text using the fonts. Choose different symbols and a background to personalize the template for your brand.

The quality of the logo templates is modern and well-designed including the free ones. The cost of some templates is categorized as “Basic” or free while the others are marked as “Pro” that can be accessed by paying $10.

Logo Maker Shop

2. Makr by Happy Media – Best Logo Design App

Start with choosing a template that fits best and then categorize by the Business, Wedding, Events & Activities, Sports, Fun, Local, Gifts, Monograms, Campus Life, Charity. Or, start with a blank canvas and upload your shapes and images (even your art), customize the template, and change the icons, text, colors, and styling. At last, download in a PNG file.

Makr by Happy Media

The app can help to design tees or totes that are relevant for the business alongside the logo. The designs are quite hip and modern. The app is the best suited to retail businesses, and a good choice for a wordmark logo without the icons.

The app is free, and once the logo is created you’d have to pay $6.99 per logo for download.

3. Logo maker by Chue Dave – Best Logo Design App

Choose a B&W logo template from the suggestions, some of which are accessible while the others are locked in the free app. Edit according to your choice and display it that allows you to adjust the colors, fonts, and overlays. You can also add stickers like ornaments and ribbons or even your images.

Logo maker by Chue Dave

It is a limited app but once you unlock the paid options you’d find a lot that you can do with. It comes with a load of preloaded backgrounds, icons, overlays that help create various versions for your logo as the editor is super fun and easy. The aesthetics are casual rather than professional which is not suggested for a company that serves other businesses too.

It is a free logo design app with a limited range or pay $4 to unlock all the logo options. 

4. Watercolor Logo Maker by Tap Flat Apps – Best Logo Design App

Choose a watercolor-style shape you would like that constitutes the background for your logo. You would then be led to the editor where you may adjust the colors and add text.

As the name suggests the app offers watercolor style logos. The question here is; does it match your company’s brand? If you’re running an art store or an ice-cream shop, it’s a total go-to for your brand as the app is a bit whimsical that might work just perfectly. If you’re running a B2B company? Let’s move ahead. 

Watercolor Logo Maker by Tap Flat Apps

It is a free app with a limited range, and to unlock elements you’d have to pay $3 for other logos or $10 to have access to all the options.

5. ICONA – Logo Designer by RoadRocks – Best Logo Design App

Click on create to see the Icona canvas that gives you three options towards the footer: shapes, text, and drawing. You may click on shapes and type in a keyword (e.g. Travel) to get icons that you may scroll through. You could also adjust the icon by color, strokes, and opacity. Click on text to add the name of your company and adjust the font, color, and alignment. 

The drawing icon allows you to design your shapes that help if brainstorming the possible logos and then design them professionally.

This app has many icons and font options. The interface is initially and not straightforward, a good place to start with a logo brainstorming.

To download the app, pay $5 for many logos options.

ICONA Logo Designer by RoadRocks

6. DesignMantic – Logo Maker by Right Solution – Best Logo Design App

The process of this app is similar to the desktop version. You can enter the name of your company and the app will automatically generate logos for you. You may choose to keep scrolling to view the different combinations. To be more specific pick your industry from the drop-down menu and once you find a template of your liking adjust the logo by customizing fonts and colors.

The icons are on the cartoonish side and less towards the modern. Unfortunately, the user experience of the canvas is not as seamless as of the other apps.

The app is free to download and use but you are to pay $37 to download your logo.

DesignMantic Logo Maker by Right Solution

7. LogoScopic Studio – Logo Maker by RoadRocks – Best Logo Design App

Pick an icon for your logo categories: Iconic (abstract icons), Pro (professional/business icons), Art, Lifestyle, Fashion, and People. Tap and hold to add Favorites while perusing the logo options. Next, add the name of the company which can be edited in terms of the font, size, and alignment. You are allowed to keep editing by changing the colors and background color. Send it to yourself via email using the app directly.

Low logo choices and a free logo design app only of the Iconic category. Pay $4.99 to unlock the choices.

LogoScopic Studio Logo Maker by RoadRocks

8. Logo Maker/Creator by Jagwinder Singh – Best Logo Design App

Scroll through the templates including the Frames, Artworks, Masks, Signs, and Vintage. Select your favorite and move to edit where you can tweak the fonts, backgrounds, and colors.

The interface may be a bit confusing given that large amount of logos category some of which is fairly random. Some of the templates are not fully editable and the range of color is limited. This makes it frustrating where the ads covered the screen every 10 seconds while editing. Maybe not the best app to get the user to convert to paid.

Limited range, free logo design app, and pay of $4 to unlock the options.

Logo Maker Creator by Jagwinder Singh

– Best Logo Design App FAQs

1) Is Photoshop a good app to design a logo?

No, photoshop cannot be enlarged or manipulated just the logo marker apps can. The print wouldn’t be desirable.

2) What is the difference between an illustrator and Photoshop?

They are two different apps. Photoshop focuses more on images whereas photoshop is for vector drawing.

3)How long does it take to master illustrator?

One to three months depending on the frequency. The more practice the better the illustration.

One to three months depending on the frequency. The more practice the better the illustration.



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