How to make a magazine: A step-by-step guide to making a magazine that is loved!

November 12, 2020 | 0 min read

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Designing  your very own magazines can be enjoyable, but if you aren’t sure where to start, it can also be a challenging place to be at. This guide shows you not only how to make a magazine for free but also how to build yourself a concept that transforms designs to articles. You can also find tips on how to design productive coverage and how to organize your work for publishing.

How to make a magazine

While the article covers tips on how to make a magazine for print, most of these design techniques are also relevant for creating e-Magazines.

Step-by-step guide: How to make a magazine

1. Choose your subject

Without a theme, you cannot have a magazine. Consider your field of knowledge and your target audience. You must have a simple and cohesive relevant look, whether you are creating a catalog of crafted or crocheted bracelets or a glittering magazine with lavish pictures for the tourist committee. You will involve your readers with your magazine if you have a good understanding of a subject

Choose your subject for a magazine

2. Select a title

 Your title must be short and timely. Notice that over time (in some magazines, centuries) and through channels, your title will reflect your brand.

Title for a magazine

3. Select your magazine cover headline

There is an article in every journal covering structure and content that gets a great deal of publicity. This would be a detailed interview with the star on the cover of a celebrity-focused magazine.

cover headline for a magazine

4. Make your cover photo

How to make a magazine cover photo is another important subset of how to make a magazine because the cover will functionally be the face of the content; the face of you! The rule of thirds is a valuable design feature to use. With the right-click on the lines or drag lines from the ruler, you can add guidelines.   It is best to break the cover into a matrix of 3×3. Make sure that you use a better image. For print magazines, a level of 300 PPI is required. Your cover photo will attract your market. It should suit your magazine’s subject, be wide and simple to look at, and have attractive colors.

cover photo for magazine

5. Design your masthead

Decide whether your masthead is going to be on or behind your picture cover. Choose your style: is your magazine tricky or funny? What is your genre? What is your target market? Is it architecture, trip, flower arranging, or celebrity culture?

masthead for a magazine

The font, the color scheme, and the style of your magazine must fit your sensation. In this case, we use a modern look without a serif font with a teal banner below the title. Now our crowd will know what to look for in future copies.

6. Write body editorials

Posts from a magazine are also the most significant attraction. Decide if you are writing all of the things in-house or depending on freelance writers or other externals. This process can take weeks or months, depending on the nature and scale of your magazine. When learning how to make a magazine book, it is important to understand that the framework will be even broader for a professionally manufactured magazine.

body editorials for magazine

7. Visuals incorporated

It is not enough simply to have a wide cover image-interesting images and graphics are needed in your magazine. By incorporating high-quality photos to your articles, you can attract readers in a visual medium.

Visuals for a magazine

8. Spend time deciding your content

Decide on the feature articles; you can pick two or three items to showcase on the cover in addition to the cover article. These should be extremely interesting posts for your readers. Ask yourself what are the longest or most popular articles in this edition when selecting your feature articles.

Magazine concept

9. Place thumbnails

When placing thumbnails, make sure the images complement the background while still standing out.

thumbnails for a magazine

10. Build a content table Table

Create a table of contents once you have put together all the articles and related photos.

Content table for magazine

11. Back page

The back page also consists of a full-page announcement in large-circulation magazines. You could add a blank page or select the pre-made page styles.

Back page for magazine

12. Pick a uniform print layout 

When learning how to make a magazine, you will often be told to pick a uniform print layout to use through your potential future editions. When you print your magazine, you have some things to remember. Here are some of the following:

Print quality — magazines with the highest picture quality should be on glossy paper. Visit the best weight and height of your project with a skilled printer.

Design — You will have to double-check because of the design of magazines to make sure your pages are as planned.

Bleed — You should apply a bleed to your paper so that your pages have no blank edges. A bleed is identical to a larger margin that is then cut into the printing process.

Magazines are enjoyable, creates buzz, sales, and fun to read on print as well as websites

Printing on magazine

Finishing lines-

We hope that these twelve steps on how to create a magazine help you create an eye-catcher coverage design for your book! Magazines can be a very innovative and satisfactory process and should not be time-consuming or grueling work. Adapting a template is a fantastic foundation and will save time in making the design as appealing and refined as achievable.

How to make a magazine – FAQs

1. What is magazine marketing?

Magazine ads offer an advertiser the opportunity in a well-defined sense to meet their customers. The printing ad style of advertising magazines also provides a chance to engage readers with a fascinating imagination.

2. What’s the layout for an INDESIGN journal?

This template in the magazine shows this tea style. It has a generous white room and wide space to complement fonts and photos on every website. It comes with a 24-page layout and InDesign INDD files. For agencies and small companies of all shapes and sizes, it is perfect. 6. A4 Magazine Template InDesign Letter

3. What is the highest quality magazine design producer software?

Publisher iStudio
Adobe InDesign.


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