How To Design A Logo With A Tagline or Slogan

November 19, 2020 | 0 min read

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A logo with a tagline always leaves a certain feeling of association when we hear the specific brand name. They don’t blandly describe your brand but also accentuate and incite feelings inside you towards the brand. Whenever we hear any famous tagline or see a logo with a tagline of any renowned brand, we always get the feeling of connectivity and relatability which the brand has created over the years. This feeling depends individually on every brand, taglines are always designed and written in a manner where the feeling comes to us just the way the brand desires it to be.

Creating your own logo with a tagline can add so much value and information to your brand and can easily enable the community to know and have a base idea about your organization and the products it deals with.

Logos with a tagline

Designing all this can be a hectic process, from determining whether your logo needs a tagline or doesn’t to figure out how to do this entire process.

Glorify has created this insightful article about logos and taglines as your one-stop answer to “how to design a logo with a tagline!”

Let’s take a look further!

What is a logo tagline?

A strong tagline or motto separates you from the competition, sums up your company values.

Remember, logo taglines as a brief, aspiring, and quirky version of the vision and mission of your company. Your mission statement generally remains internal in order to help direct everything from ads to your marketing strategy. Taglines take it to the world and broadcast it. It is an effective way to express the brand’s meaning.

Logo with tagline

Taglines and slogans will allow your brand to communicate with you and will create another way for consumers and supporters. 

When does a logo need a tagline?

Taglines give you a little boost and a new chance to clarify what your company and you are all about. Here’ some situations where we highly recommend supporting your logo with tagline –

Brand logos with tagline

There are some great ways to use a logo or a tag. 

1. You have a small crowd

If you are a small brand with little social media space or resources for marketing strategies, etiquette is a perfect way to use additional interaction.

A small non-profit, medical, or educational organization, for example, may be unable to reach a large audience with their message. When wondering how to design a business logo for your startup,  make sure that you incorporate the logo with a tagline which allows you to describe your goal and helps your supporters and consumers appreciate the intent immediately.

Mind logo with tagline

2. Users are in a busy market

A logo with a tagline design is a good way to differentiate oneself in a market with many competing companies.

The advertising and brand recognition of Apple “Think Different” tagline and marketing turned around as a strategically brilliant product for the creative visionary consumers.

McDonalds logo with a tagline

3. A new brand has been established

You need to be as transparent and descriptive as necessary about your product or services when setting up a new company. A broken brand image and message, particularly at launch, can be very harmful.

A simple and transparent message will give new users a better understanding of what to expect. from your brand.

Brand logo with tagline

4. You’re redesigning

Rebranding is not a cakewalk. It takes effort, resources, hard work, and sacrifice, but when your company (and your earnings) rises up, everything is worth at the final moment.

Using a logo with tagline design will help new and current consumers and investors appreciate the new image of your company.

Airbnb brand logo with tagline

5. Your logo needs more to express your opinions

If your logo is conceptual or minimalist, design a variant with a simple slogan that illustrates your product offering more clearly. By incorporating a simple slogan below, the logo and brand identity are made much simpler.

Neuro bloom brand logo and tagline

How to design a logo with a tagline-

Here are a few helpful ideas to follow while creating a logo with a tagline, if you’ve already begun to feel like a tagline will help effectively to your logo.

1. Begin with your brand image

Understand your brand image and brand name before you create your logo and tagline to recognize what theme you can use.

Vincent victoria brand logo with tagline

2.  Work with positioning and sizing

Your tagline may be ideally humorous, but it must ensure that your brand title and logo are not overshadowed. Make it always smaller than the product title, but simple and easily understood.

The typeface hierarchy is a simple way to test this. What do you first see when you look at your logo and tagline? Defining the font size to construct a sound picture by creating the golden ratio of the main logo and tagline is very important.

The most popular positioning of a logo with tagline is the product name with the following phrase. Think of working with the labeling for a special look that is really defining and unique.

Pizza fit brand logo with tagline

3. Create variants with and without the tagline

This may be a little contradictory, but with or without a tagline, a very strong logo functions independently. Make sure you build both templates to ensure that your brand works through a range of media platforms at any scale, while you can keep on designing your graphical branding strategy.

Twitter logo with tagline

For instance, for social media profile photos, and for app design, many digital marketing platforms need incredibly small logos. With a simpler logo edition, the user interface is easier to function and becomes optimal.

The design of your logo’s slogan-less variant also lets you make your brand safe for the future if you no longer want it.

Summing up-

Whether you are using it in advertising or not, you can carry your brand image into life in all innovative ways by making a well-designed version of your logo. Our ideas and tips about how to design a logo with tagline are curated hoping you’re able to redesign your goal, are able to engage with clients, and to bring a new level of dedication to those with knowledge in the industry. Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below!

How To Design A Logo With A Tagline or Slogan FAQs

1. Should you create a slogan or tagline?

Your business doesn’t have to create both a slogan and a tagline – a strong and recognizable tagline will achieve success. However, as you introduce new products and discover potential consumers, your company will initiate a slogan-driven advertisement.

2. How should a headline vary from a slogan?

The distinction between the title, tagline, and slogan is: the top of an advertisement or leaflet is a headline. At the bottom of the logo is the tagline. In a tiebreaker contest or a t-shirt, a slogan is featured.

3. Should an organization change its tagline?

A company never changes its name, and it should be included in all marketing activities of the company. A tagline is like a trademark because it’s a short and enticing message to assist in the marketing strategy.


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