Artboard is for pros. Glorify is for pros AND everyone in between.

Don’t spend time learning how to use Artboard. With Glorify as your Artboard alternative, you’re ready to start designing instantly using loads of different templates - without any limitations.

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Why look for Artboard’s alternative?

If you are a professional designer, we are certain that you are delighted by Artboard. The team behind it is building a very innovative all round design tool for marketing graphics, motion design and mockups, all in one place.

But overall, the user experience and workflow are mainly built for professional designers and it can be a bit complicated for those starting out. This also makes collaboration with non-designers harder due to the learning curve required.

Great for pros, not so good for non-designers

Packed with powerful features for professional designers, but is not intuitive for non-designers. Glorify is perfectly balanced for beginners and pros.

Less automated, and more pixel pushing

Yes, you can craft the perfect design or motion graphic piece, but it will cost you time. Glorify has almost zero learning curve.

Not a huge range of template categories

You can choose only a mix between mockups and social graphics. You won’t find ebooks, decks etc...

Glorify vs Artboard

Let’s stack them both side by side!

Main Features
User Experience
Easy to learn and use
E-com templates
Bundled template collections
Realistic Mockup Objects
Stock photos, graphics & illustrations
Invite team members & guests
Feedback via comments
Presentation mode
Brand kit
Design tools
Ground shadows & reflections
Create vectors with pen tool
Pencil with simulate pressure
Background remover tool
Responsive button element
Dynamic replaceable icon element
Video & animation
Single to infinite canvas workflow
Auto apply & remix color palettes

Why is Glorify a better alternative?

Glorify is the perfect alternative if you want to collaborate with people who don’t have professional design skills - it’s easy to use + has all the features you need to create beautiful designs fast.

Glorify is a graphic design tool, video editor and an online whiteboard all in one platform which unites both thinking and design work on one collaborative canvas.

Balanced for Pros & Beginners

Glorify is super fun and easy to use for non-designers starting out - with almost zero learning curve! At the same time, professional designers can harness the power of a wide range of tools that gives them full creative freedom, in a delightful experience.

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Brainstorm, plan
& design in one place

Brainstorm whiteboard sessions have always been a part of the design process - and now, finally, you can do it all in one place. Experiment with ideas or start with a mood board; drop images, videos and other inspirational content. Leave comments to add notes, thoughts or feedback at every step. Glorify is your one-stop platform from the inception of your ideas, to the execution of your final design.

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Present and share your big ideas

Once your designs are ready, present them to your team or clients with a single link in presentation mode. It’s perfect for showing off your creations as well as pitching the next big thing since sliced bread. Your viewers can leave reactions to show how they feel.

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We’ve got Free templates for your niche!

Not feeling super creative? We’ve got you! Discover and explore 1000’s of niche-oriented thematic templates. Many templates also come with an entire bundled collection for you to stay consistent in style! The best part is that none of the templates comes at an extra cost unlike Canva.

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These powerful tools will help you create beautiful content super fast, easy and at scale

300K+ Users trust Glorify

“Glorify is not just another graphic design tool, it’s the only graphic design tool you will ever need for your e-commerce business. My entire team has adopted it.”

Carlos Alvarez
Wizards of Amazon

"I've been using Glorify App for four months now and I really love it. The team at Glorify App is super responsive and is constantly launching new features and tools.  It's definitely made my life easier."

Keith A. Neely
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“I have been learning how Glorify works all day today and I can say that I am impressed, I can officially say that so far it is the best purchase I have made in 2022.”

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