Font types: Complete guidelines

November 25, 2020 | 0 min read

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It can be overwhelming to set the various font types together. In this article, we will discuss the different types of fonts you need to learn, the distinguishing characteristics, and how to utilize them. There might seem to be a variety of different font types, but the main ones, to begin with, are serif, sans serif, script font, monospace, and display. 

Typography is an artistic practice devoted to the creation of alphabets worldwide – the list goes on, Roman, Cyrillic, and Arabic. It seems to have established a vocabulary of its own as a scientific practice. Besides that, the number available is increasing like never before with software developments which allow everyone to create their font.


Not all the different types of font styles are perfect, many will never consider them. Here we go back to the roots and look at the key font styles. 

The next task is to fit combinations of typefaces and this article curated by Glorify can be viewed to learn more about the different types of fonts.

Listed below are the font types list:

1. Serif

  • Characteristic: Extensions of the end of the character terminals
  • Key Function:  Print
  • Examples: Bodoni, Caslon, Trajan, Eames Century Modern

A traditional font has serifs – these delicate small points which extend from most of the letters’ terminals. For eg, the serifs are feet in the base of a lower case L, they ground and provide an impression of framework and productivity. 

While serifs display strokes joining cursive handwriting, they originate actually from the Roman period’s inscribed lettering. Serifs, therefore, are inherently related to the Roman alphabet itself.

serif font

2. Sans-serif

  • Characteristic: No extensions on the end of letter strokes
  • Key Function: Screen-based type
  • Examples: Helvetica, Gotham, Akzidenz Grotesk, Futura

As the title indicates, sans-serif forms are serif-free. The sans-serif typefaces were initially developed to demonstrate, as were copying and other elements of the format such as titles and annotations. The absence of thin and unstructured serifs means that they fit best on displays and are therefore suitable for blogs, applications, and on-screen identities. 

sans sarif font

In a commercial sense, they are common, sometimes known as ‘big tech’ types of font styles. They are especially useful for the developers of banners, logos, and digital displays. One of the most prominent Sans-Serifs in the world: Gotham, is used in the iconic Hope poster which promotes Barack Obama.

3. Script

  • Characteristic: Mimics handwriting or calligraphy
  • Key Function: Various
  • Examples: Shelley, Bickham

The fonts of the script imitate the functionality of handwriting that you might notice. As a result, a lot of different fonts exist. Some modern writing fonts aim to elegantly imitate the smooth flow of writing using swooshes and end strips that go down below the character lines. There are so many styles of shows. 

script font

Some people take realism to a certain edge, which reveals more authentic types of font styles in writing – wrinkly, scratchy, and functional. 

It should be stressed that not all text forms resemble cursive writing. For instance, much primitive blackletter or Gothic typesetting consists of calligraphy but don’t try to blend the letters like a scribe’s design.

4. Monospace

  • Characteristic: Each character occupies the same horizontal space
  • Key Function: Coding
  • Examples: FF Trixie, Inconsolata

A large percentage of the styles are proportionate and give each letter a unique horizontal space. AL is the thinnest, and O takes more space and a W is even larger. Likewise, an uppercase letter generally requires more space than a lowercase letter. Interestingly, monospace fonts have a consistent amount of room for every character. 

monospace font

For mechanical purposes, monospace fonts were created for typewriters and other printing devices. Courier is the most popular font in this group and is the slab serif created by Howard Kettler for IBM typewriters.  The monospace fonts developed by type writers promise to provide equal lettering became a uniqueness that till It should be stressed that not all script forms emulate cursive writing. For instance, much old-fashioned blackletter or Gothic typesetting comprise of calligraphy but don’t try to combine the letters like a scribe’s remains aesthetic and timeless.

5. Display

  • Characteristic: Not designed for body copy
  • Key Function: Statement headlines and signage
  • Examples: Bella, K

The Display font is specifically designed for signs, advertisements, and titles instead of the main text. It may be serif, sans, script, mono, or from one of the several subsections of typefaces. 

display font

Many display popular font types are developed to be as accessible in larger sizes as possible while some are loud, but that isn’t always valid. Display fonts are constantly being implemented to induce an emotive response. Use Karloff for a surprising reaction-the contrary to simplicity.  Classical futurism is what The New Alphabet talks about. The impact is so loud that it was launched in 1965 that it almost destroyed its impact and that it would have a positive impact on future designers. Karloff, Neu Alphabet, Impact. Intriguingly enough, though without-server fonts were developed as display typefaces and still working in their own right, many were streamlined for the body, while some very insane serifs and slab serifs were filled out with the display typeface selection.

Finishing thoughts-

We hope you enjoyed reading this article on the different types of fonts as much as we enjoyed curating this article for you, and we hope you also gained a lot of knowledge about fonts. Have any new topic in mind which you want us to write, feel free to share it in the comment section below.

Font types: Complete guidelines FAQs

1. What is meant by a fancy text generator?

It quickly converts a simple text into various free cool fonts with logos. Fancy Text Generator is an impressive font changer that quickly transforms plain text into a stylish font. In any social media site, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others, the most trendy generator is commonly used.

2. What’s the text generator of png?

After PNG text generator. A large number of png text images can be generated quickly with this png text generator.

3. What do Geometric Fonts mean?

These types of font styles are based on basic geometrical kinds, as the name implies. Geometric fonts can also be used in web or mobile design projects, especially for heading printed works. Geometric fonts are being traced to the Bauhaus, the German school of art.


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