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Today there are several design tools available on the market with 1000s of different fonts that you can use to craft your banner. But these overwhelming choices have got you all confused is it not? Well, we have collected for you 35 fonts that are ideal for making a banner exclusively.

Fonts – The Types

There are four major types of fonts, they serve as the base for all other fonts, or in other words, every other font can be considered to be a derived font from this 4 member category.

The four items in this list are,

  • Serif
  • Sans Serif
  • Script
  • Display

Serifs are the traditional ones among the long list of fonts, they appear rather traditional and have small very little lines attached at the end of each letter, to cite a good example we have the most common font: the “Times New Roman”.

Sans Serif which is French for “Without Serif” looks the same as Serifs with the exception of the absence of the very little lines at the end of each letter. They are believed to fall in the modern category of fonts and gives a modern look to your text. An example is Calibri.

Now, coming to Script this nomenclature becomes fairly simple, it represents the type of fonts that imitate handwriting and look cursive. The scripts can be easily identified thanks to their handwriting slash cursive nature being a visual standout and besides that, all Script fonts come with the word Script postfixed. An example is Pacifico.

Cool banner fonts

Coming to “Display” as the meaning of the name suggests it is used ideally for display purposes and not for long writing. They make a sudden and huge visual impact. A great example is the font “Permanent marker”.

Now let us take a look at our 35 cool fonts.

1. Volkhov:

This is a classic font, it is a Serif typeface. The robust design is legible, prominent, and suitable for complex texts.

Now coming to its usage as a banner font, it is better to be used as a message bearing font, but you can use it as your title block of the banner as well. Compared to other Serif fonts Volkhov is rather modern and the natural flow makes it very readable.

2. Source Serif Pro:

This font may look identical to Volkhov but is actually thinner than Volkhov. For banners that contain long messages or catchphrases that are a bit too long, this is the ideal font. Works well with any kind of copy text and it is elegant and easy to read.

3. Advent Pro:

This is a Sans Serif font. It is rather contemporary with thin letters. This font is ideal for banners with a monochrome background. Being a modern font, this does come in 7 different modes.

  • Thin
  • Extra-light
  • Light
  • Regular
  • Medium
  • Semi-bold
  • Bold

These 7 modes allow this font to be used as flexible as possible on different types of banners.

4. Allura:

Among several different script fonts, this one is quite readable. It is this readability that accounts for the qualification as a banner text for this font.

5. Open Sans:

If you are a designer who loves the clean, simple, and readable look, opt for Open Sans. This is a font that has taken print, web, and mobile by storm.

If you are planning on a marketing campaign across different digital platforms, the chances are high that your audience may view your banner via a smartphone and in that case, Open Sans will come really handy for you.

With a complete 897 character list, this font is compatible with almost all languages, including Greek and Cyrillic.

6. Playfair Display:

playfair font

This font is yet another title choice for your banner. This is a typeface font and it was designed especially for large-scale display use. However, it is enabled to be used as a regular text font also.

7. Rock Salt:

Available only in regular and uppercase style this font is ideal for your banners as a personal touch. This font is the kind that we find in comic books.

8. Sacramento:

This is another script font that can be used for both the title text and the matter text. This stylish round-looking font is easy to read. Add to it the traditional handwriting like looks, the audience will absolutely love a banner which carries Sacramento on it.

9. Ultra:

This is a title only kind of font and hence it is a display font naturally. The wood type style with bold letters gives this font a really cool look. The sharpness and drama associated with this font make it an ideal choice as a banner title.

If you have the intention to make your banner look traditional, this is the font for you.

10. Veteran Typewriter:

Can be easily mistaken as a Serif font because of the similarity it has to the typewriter font. Even though the typeface is Serif looking, this is a font that is better off on the title of your banner. Occasionally you can use this font for CTA buttons as well.

11. Short Stack:

If you are a lover of the font Rock Salt but want the lowercase letters included, Short Stack is a great choice. What gives this font its style is the semi-geometric, low contrast look. It resembles the handwriting of block letters to a great extend and it is best used in texts from medium to large size.

12. Quattrocento Sans:

If you are in for classic looks and elegance, this is your choice of font. This font is carefully designed to be legible even when used in smaller sizes. It comes in four styles: regular, italic, bold, and italic-bold and gives warmth and readability to your text.

13. Poiret One:

Want your banner font to be decorative, geometric, and fresh at the same time? Use Poiret One. This font is a perfect blend of all three. Ideal for titles, labels, headlines, signs, and even logos.

14. Pinyon Script:

pinyon font

If refinement and readability are on top of your bucket list, this is the font you want. It is a very attractive script font which is very minimal intrusive and very effective for conveying your message properly.

15. Nobile:

Suitable for both body and text fonts of banners. It is an open-source Google font. This font looks really good across devices and it is the major highlight of this font. It also comes in six styles: regular, italic, medium, medium italic, bold, and bold-italic.

16. Luckiest Guy:

Represents very bold handwriting all in CAPS. This is the type of font that you need to use if you intend to catch your audience’s attention in a jiffy.

17. Knewave:

This is another title font which is a quick eye-catcher. This is a suitable replacement for Luckiest Guy if you do not like the style of Luckiest Guy.

18. Montserrat:

Montserrat font

Whenever you want to highlight multiple different messages or lines of text in the same typeface you are better off with Montserrat. Varying from thin to extra-bold Montserrat comes in 18 different styles which is the reason why it is so versatile in application.

19. Parisienne:

If you are a lover of script fonts, then this font is your absolute choice. This is a handwriting inspired font with a rightward slant.

With round and stylish letters, this font is ideal for making the title of your banner look absolutely awesome.

This font is very easy to read and has great connectivity.

20. Francois One:

This is yet another web-friendly Sans Serif font. Its interface is ideal for cross-platform usage hence you do not need to worry about what device your audience is using.

This font is ideal for titles but you can still use it for CTA buttons and short text elements.

Comes in a bold single regular style.

21. Helvetica:

Created in 1957 this is a neo-grotesque typeface used extensively along the 60s and 70s. It is clear and is very easy to read with a lot of variants. All of this adds to its popularity. This font finds its use in various places from tax forms to television ads, online advertising, and billboards.

22. Univers:

This font took the second half of the 20th century by storm. It is currently a highly successful typeface used extensively in advertising and media.

It has different weights but all of them maintain the feeling of steadfastness that every reader cherishes. This font was an instant classic and using it on your banner will be a great innovative move into attracting your audience.

23. Frutiger:

This font was exclusively designed by Adrian Frutiger for the directional sign system at the Charles de Gaulle Airport. It is a typeface font and has its roots in the Concorde font which was also designed by Adrian Frutiger.

This is a highly-legible font whose lowercase is even properly visible.

24. Futura:

futura font

This typeface font is ideal for any form of advertising, posters, magazines, and books. This font has stellar connections as well because the commemorative plaque left by Apollo 11 astronauts on the moon in 1969 was written in this font.

This font can be used in even the tightest of spots and can still be legible.

25. VAG Rounded (VW):

This font was initially designed as the corporate typeface for VW which was later on owned by Adobe. The powerful yet subtle corporate style is what makes it ideal on a banner.

This font is space-efficient, linear, and fun to use and is considered friendlier by most people.

26. Gill Sans:

This is yet another Sans Serif font created by Eric Gill. This font displays a blend of modern and classical look altogether. This font served as the British Railways’ posters and timetables.

It is this font’s simplicity and clarity that makes it an ideal choice for advertising and consequently on your banner.

27. Avant Garde :

Designed as a magazine’s logo the popularity of this font made it a real “font”. The futuristic style with precise geometric shapes and hard angles that line up make this font an awesome choice for titles on advertisements and banners.

28. Meta:

This font is a humanist sans serif typeface designed by Erik Spiekermann in 1991. This font has been the official typeface of the Greece Government since the year 2010.

The stylish font is an absolute gift for those who want to make very attractive banners.

29. Avenir:

Even though it is classified as a geometric sans, it does have a human touch to it. This is one such font that you do not need to miss out on while designing your banner.

30. Times New Roman:

Times New Roman font

Even though this is a font that is highly used in formal writings rather than creative design, the power that emanates from this font is timeless. There are certain enterprises that still advertise on Times New Roman, so it is not a bad choice for a suitable product that means business straightforward.

31. Knockout:

With 9 different widths and 32 variations on each width with this font, the options are plenty. So customizing your banner in any way you like is a “piece of cake” with this font.

32. Akzidenz Grotesk:

Even the first word from this font means straight-up business as it stands for commercial and publicity. So this is a purpose-built font for meeting design requirements on things like banners undoubtedly.

33. DIN:

This font is a realist Sans Serif typeface, designed in 1995. This is again another font that is extensively used by designers around the globe and will be a perfect match for your banner.

34. Franklin Gothic:

Franklin Gothic font

Conceived in the early 20th century, this font is ideal for design purposes. This is a font that is used commonly for advertisement and hence is a good fit for a banner.

35. Minion:

Even though this font belongs to the Serif family you need not worry as this is a highly-legible font and can thus be used on banners effectively.

Final Thoughts

When we speak of fonts most ideal for a banner, so far we have only listed out the best among 1000s of fonts. However, when you are actually designing a full-scale banner with colors and images, a lot of things have to be taken into consideration. But if you are not a designer by profession, chances are that you could mess things up. So what is an alternative to this?


Well, we have one suggestion for you. It is a third party design website. It is called Glorify. And as the name suggests it simply glorifies all your designs with awesome fonts, colors, images, and much more.

At Glorify you can have pre-fabricated templates for you, and on these templates, there will already be designated fonts that go well with the colors and images used, so all you have to do is simply type in your content!

Banner Fonts – FAQs:

1) Which font is best for signs and banners in general?

For any sort of large font formats, undoubtedly it is Sans Serif who is king.

2) What font is the most ideal for the human eye?

Helvetica is considered to be the most easily readable font and is preferred by many individuals all over the globe both on digital and printed media.

3) Are all fonts free to use?

Not all fonts are free to use, but buying different fonts individually is a bad idea, the best option you have is to pay for third party design apps like Glorify who has a huge inventory of stylish fonts with several other features.

4) What is the most calming font?

The answer has to be the members of the Serif family.

4) What is the font ideal for seniors?

For our dear seniors, the Sans Serif family is the best font for added readability.