Image Resizing: Top Recommended Free Image Resize Tools Available Online To Pick From

November 12, 2020 | 0 min read

Glorify Team

Images and visual representations do more good than any other element when it comes to selling online. You might be selling the best product at the best price but as long as the said product is not hosted with supporting images, the product, most likely, will not sell. You might have the best product descriptions and the best ad copies but if they are not supported with rightly-sized images, the text is unlikely to take you anywhere. And that is where an image resizes tool comes into play.

If there is anything that is worse than no images, it is ill-fitted images. Unfortunately, on the internet, one size does not fit all. Even for something as ‘everyday’ as Instagram posting, there are tons of size recommendations. What you can post on or fits on the Instagram feed will not be the same dimensions for that of Instagram stories. Hence, you, as an e-commerce business owner, need to ensure that all your images that go online are nothing less than the most perfectly fitted images.

Image resizing tools

If your images are too long, the website you are hosting your products on will most likely auto-crop your images; if the images are too small, they will be stretched out and will appear noisy and ugly. Such images will defy the entire purpose of visual representation. This is where an Image resizing tool comes into the picture.

An image resizing tool essentially can resize your images to any desired size without compromising on the picture quality.

Here are the top best recommended free image resize and image compression tools that one can use online-

1. Resize Image Online: Rsizr

Apart from just enabling you to resize an image, this image resizes tool also goes a step further by allowing you to even crop certain specific parts of an image and to rotate the image. This feature comes to help particularly when you have an image with too much white space around. Or also if you want to remove one element from the edge of a picture.

In order to use this tool, though, you will need to enable the flash player in your browser. As soon as you hit open the website link, Rsizr will automatically ask your permission to enable it

Rsizr image resizing tools

2. BeFunky

The free version of BeFunky offers so many image editing as well as resizing options, and this just goes to another level if you happen to buy into their premium version. With BeFunky, one can resize the images, add multiple photo filters and effects, touch up the images, add photo frames, enter text, and so much more. You can resize the image basis the image width, height, or by percentage scale. Moreover, BeFunky gives you so much control over how much you want to compress an image, making it one of the best image compression tools out there.

The user is allowed to choose the image width and height by unchecking the “Lock Aspect Ratio” box. However, this tool cannot be used for pro requirements because when you go for this manual option, you might have your image quality go down when the aspect ratio changes.

BeFunky image resizing tool

3. Online Image Resize

A very straightforward, no-frill free image resize tool, this one is so simple to use- one of the primary reasons it has made it to our list. In a step by step process, you can first choose an image (or multiple images at once), then choose the width you want to resize those images in. The minimum permitted width, however, is 16 pixels while the maximum is 1024 pixels.

Once resized, you can also further crop, rotate, or add mirror effects to the image. Once all done, you can lastly download the images individually or all of them together in a ZIP file format.

Online Image Resize tools

4. Photo Resizer 

Photo Resizer is like a blessing-induced resizing tool for Social Media enthusiasts. This free image resize tool allows the user to resize images particularly for social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram.

The user can further rotate or flip the images, add text, and also draw circles, rectangles, or other similar shapes to the images just like you could on MS paint. (Take a trip of nostalgia!) For brownie points, if your image looks blurry or too noisy, you can further sharpen the image to increase the picture quality with Photo Resizer too!

Photo Resizer - image resizing tool

5. B.I.R.M.E 

Much like Online Image Resize at number 3 on our list, BRIME also is multiple images resize tool. B.R.I.M.E. actually is the acronym for “Batch Image Resizing Made Easy.” Brime has a version 1.0 as well as a version 2.0 website, version 2.0 obviously being the newer and the updated site.  However, regardless of which version you land on, you can resize multiple images at once on this website. This saves you the time and effort of individual resizing.

Further, you can also add borders to your images on this tool by selecting the pixel thickness of the border. What makes B.R.I.M.E. different from other tools on the list is the fact that you can also preview your images once done, prior to downloading, just for that element of reassurance.

B.I.R.M.E image resizing tool

6. Glorify

Though not particularly an image resizing tool, Glorify is one of those tools available online that each e-commerce or online retailer needs to know about. This website has tons of preloaded templates that you can add you images to – all of the templates being pre-sized and perfectly fitting images. It has templates for any online selling website you can think of – from social media selling on Facebook to Shopify to Etsy to Ali Express – Glorify has it all. Besides, if you do not want to use their templates, you can just pick a pre-sized blank template and add your product image to it. It really is as simple as that!

Besides, you can also remove backgrounds and design free logos on the Glorify website!

Glorify image resizing tools

Image Resizing: Top Recommended Free Image Resize Tools Available Online To Pick From FAQs

1. What is the difference between cropping and resizing an image?

Cropping an image means to remove or cut out one part of the image. Resizing the image, on the other hand, is about bringing down or increasing the size of the entire image as a whole. One should first resize the image and then crop it as a standard rule of thumb.

2. Does resizing an image reduce the image quality?

Yes, resizing the image does compromise on the image quality. However, the degree to which the image quality goes down depends on the type of tool one is using and the pixels of the original image vs the pixels of the desired, resized image. Also, it should be known that reverting an image back to the original size from already resized dimensions will not get you the original image back. Some image compression tools like further allow you to compress and resize your images without affecting the quality significantly.

3. Is Glorify free to use?

While a 14-day free trial- without a card- includes everything you need to explore the endless possibilities of design with Glorify, you will need to buy into the premium plan at the end of it. 


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