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The Top 30 Amazing Graphic Design Tips Professional Designers Want You to Know

February 9, 2021 | 0 min read

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Amazing Graphic Design Tips

Being a designer, one gets to narrate creative stories with colors, fonts, elements, textures, and graphic elements. And, while you have the opportunity to be creative, you must come out with your own unique style and make it your own.

To help you, we have curated a list of the best 30 best graphic design tips from professional designers. To know and explore them, read on!

30 amazing graphic design tips from professionals for your next design project:

1. Use a less or a limited number of fonts: An important graphic design tip for beginners, you must never over-do the number of designs in one project. Therefore, make sure to use limited fonts to make the graphic project come across as well put together and attractive. The number recommended is about three or fewer in a single project, and if you are done experimenting with the available fonts, you can always opt to download more.

design tips from professionals

2. To make the design look perfect, rearrange the size and height of the text: Play around with the text that is overlaid on an image by increasing or decreasing the line-height and spacing between the letters. This helps create a “box effect” and brings up exponentially.

graphic design tips

3. Use contrasting fonts as a pair on the design: The main agenda while you create is to draw the people’s attention to it. Take this graphic design tip and use contrasting fonts, like a bold sans serif font with cursive in order to make it stand out.

design tips fonts

4. Don’t shy away or fear using larger objects: Believe it or not, larger objects attract and grab more attention as compared to the smaller objects. Just in case your design has numerous objects, try to make the principal object larger, and scale all elements such as the text, elements, and the buttons.

design tips from professionals

5. Make sure to give space to each letter: As a creative tip for graphic designers, letting the letter have space between themselves makes or breaks a design. Therefore, sticking them together way too much could make it look really cluttered and unattractive.

graphic design tips from professionals

6. Use colors that are contrasting: It is based on an observation that using contrasting colors in graphic design is eye-catching, impressive, and helps make a statement.

colourful graphic design tips

7. White space can be used when you can: Yes, at times letting the blank space in the design helps enhance the design even more making it cleaner and focused. This is even more true when it comes to giving out a message, that is, when using a burst of colors the message tends to get lost unlike in the white spacing.

white space for graphic designs

8. Be consistent: Staying consistent helps to tie the design together and is vital to stick to the mood of the layout, be it the typography size, spacing, and position.

consistant graphic design

9. Take advantage of the flat designs: Another important graphic design tip for beginners: You need not spend hours and hours on 3D design when flat design can work the magic. Also, these flat designs have become more and more popular over the years making them an excellent choice for beginners.

flat graphic designs

10. Maintain a good structure of the text: While using texts on the graphic design, as a basic graphic design tip, make sure to align them using the alignment tools to make it visually pleasing. This gives the graphic design a beautiful structure and increases the readability of the viewers.

text graphic designs

11. Use project-specific icons: This graphic design tip can lead to the attention of a viewer. The best part is that they don’t have to be limited to the other famous logos like Twitter or Instagram, these icons could be any extra visual or you can create your own. Make them in colored or black and white, in a flat design or 3D to increase the aesthetic value.

project spesific graphic designs

12. Use lines in the graphic design: Other than the icons, as a creative tip for graphic designers, you can make use of the lines in your graphic design by compartmentalizing or adding depth to create interest within the viewer.

Use lines in graphic designs

13. Maintain a color palette: Start implementing this branding design as a must. If your design idea does not entail the mode of crazy contrast, then the great idea would be to maintain a color palette throughout the entire design. This graphic design tip will create results that will not only interest the viewers but will also be pleasing to the eye.

color palette in graphic design

14. Create a hierarchy visually: Even if it is a creative platform, take this graphic design tip and start implementing a hierarchy even in the branding design as an order of importance. This will help the viewers to have a clear idea when they are viewing the project and love these ideas put on the project. We are all aware that humans have a shorter attention span, so why not just grab the attention in the first go?

Create a hierarchy visually

15. Let the text stand out by adjusting the image and levels of the background: A poster design that has its font stand out against the background and blurred image tends to be read by most compared to those designs that have clashing designs.

adjust the image and levels of the background in graphic designing

16. Think of the audience perceiving it: While you create designs for clients, it could mean stepping out of your zone to feed in the ideas that might contrast with yours, to keep the client happy. You must know, it’s not a bad thing. Perhaps, on the other side, this will only help you widen your horizon and increase your creativity.

Graphic designing techniques

17. Simplicity is the best: As much as you might think of graphic design as a burst of colors and designs, at times even the minimalist design works wonders and serves the best. One of the best graphic design tips for beginners is to  make sure you bring your design to life using a pop of color or even a funky font.

simplicity in graphic designing

18. Define and address the vibe: While you are working on a poster design, you must make sure you have created this list that takes about the vibe of the design. This helps get the design project more information and helps determine the elements, color scheme, and layout.

Graphic designing tips

19. Stick the font families together: To spice the text on the graphic design, take this graphic design tip: Go through the process of finding a font that works together brilliantly. This will help you create variants in the font family even for your further projects, for instance, Helvetica bold with italic.

Stick the font families together in graphic designing

20. Maintain straight facts: Even before you get on with the design projects, make sure to go through and have thorough research by looking at the competition, pieces of content published, and seeing ways to get better than them. 

Maintain straight facts in graphic designing

21. Find the best bold: You can create the best bold typography posters by just being your bold self, and thinking out of the box. It is ok if the others aren’t doing as per what you thought of, this in fact is a good sign for being different. At times it can be as simple as using contrasting colors for drama in the graphic design or using texts that are uniquely placed, but whatever you choose make sure it speaks and is bold.

Find the best bold in text graphic designing

22. It’s good to be different: You don’t follow trends? That’s completely ok, the best graphic design tip anyone can ever give you is to be yourself and be original in your designs. You can divert the whole game by becoming the one who is followed and not the one following. You can for sure, read and study the trends and bring in the one twist that helps you stand out and have recognizable content published each day.

different graphic designs

23. Be aesthetic while you can: Aesthetics these days are everything. As a graphic design tip, it means aligning your text with the image on the background or aligning the shapes and objects for an aesthetically pleasing vibe for you as well as the viewers.

aesthetic graphic designs

24. Transparency: Using transparent fonts can change the opacity levels of the text for better viewership and also does not eliminate the beauty of the image.

Transparency graphic designs

25. Be messy, be creative: Creativity in graphic design requires getting out of the comfort zone. A creative tip for graphic designers would be to experiment! Use multiple fonts, type them individually with the size and rotation in the form of a word and figure out what works best for you!

creative graphic designs

26. Always create a list of your best ideas as and when it crosses your mind: Being creative and having a flow 24*7 is not possible. Therefore, the MOST IMPORTANT graphic design tip to take you a long way: start carrying a little doodle notebook and jot down your ideas.

best graphic designs

27. Create designs per day for practice: It’s ok if you are not that creative every day. It’s a process and it takes time with each day making you better, improving, and becoming a better you and a better designer. But, you must make it a point to create one design each day irrespective of how you’re feeling to maintain the creativity flow and to be in touch with your designer side.

creative graphic designs

28. Breaks are important in order to back stronger: There are situations where you might burn out and run out of even the simplest of ideas. In situations likewise, you must try taking a walk even if it is for 5 mins, get a glass of water or coffee, like a creative break, and rest your brain.

take breaks in graphic designs

29. Have your own rules be your own boss: You might just want to paste this on your wall near the workstation; there can be multiple graphic design tips and tips but there are no rules to design. Each designer deserves to be authentically themselves. Yes, it is ok to keep the trends in mind, but twisting it for your own good helps you stay authentic and unique.

graphic designs

30. Be you: Surpassing all the 29 points mentioned above, this graphic design tip is of utmost priority!Be authentic, there is only one of you and your kind, everyone else is already taken. So, don’t lose your creativity and your unique way of designing.

be you in graphic designs

We hope this article has helped you to be inspired by these 30 amazing graphic design tips and has got you all excited to get to designing, perhaps, what better than working on the best graphic designing software? Let’s get started!

To Conclude:

Graphic designing does require a lot of work and patience, but with the right mindset and creativity flow, it can all be aced. Therefore, we hope that these daily design inspiration 30 amazing tips for the professionals help gear you up and also help you implement them into your present, next, and future graphic designs. Also, to help ease things up, you could take the help of the Glorify app to further enhance the designs in particular.

Top 30 Amazing Graphic Design Tips Professional Designers FAQs

1. What qualities should a graphic designer have?

Here are the top 6 qualities a graphic designer must have:

They must be creative and imaginative to bring out the best in the works
They must be consistent in their design color palette, size, and spacing
Must have the ability to solve problems
Must be ready to learn and accept changes
Must know how to take criticism as an opportunity
Must have good patience

2. How much do professional graphic designers charge?

The cost of a graphic designer depends on the sort of work. Generally, you must be ready to pay the designers around $85–$100 USD per hour.

3. How can I make my graphics look professional?

To make the graphic designs look professional, pair contrasting fonts together, match colors with the designs, use grids for images, add transparent icons and texts to help make it stand out, illustrate the information with shapes and icons, maintain spacing, etc. To know more, make sure to read the article above for all tips just for graphic designers.


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