For this reason, we have curated those posts to help you with some basic yet essential tips and practices along with the banner requirements, that will help you stand out amidst the other products available on the platform.

So, let’s not waste time and dive in!

How Does an Etsy Shop Banner Play A Vital Role In Boosting The Business?

Imagine clicking on one of the Etsy stores online and you’re there on the landing page, what’s the first thing you’d notice?

It is understandable that the viewers will at first check the big banner on the platform, indulge in the pictures that represent who you are, speak of what you do, check the text description, number of sales, etc, all based on the Etsy banner size.

This is why it is important for all the potential sellers to keep in mind the perfect Etsy shop banner size recommendation while uploading a cover photo on the Etsy platform. Take a look at the section below for a better understanding:

What Is The Perfect Etsy Banner Size Template? – Etsy Banner Size Specifications!

As per the Etsy authority, the perfect cover photo for the best size for the Etsy banner is 3360 x 840 pixels and 760 pixels x 100 pixels for the smaller banner. Adding on, ensure to showcase the banner in the highest resolution to appear and feature perfection for your business.

GRAPHICSIZECover Photo3360 x 840 pxProfile Photo400 x 400 px Shop Icon500 x 500 pxShop Banner760 x 100 px Thumbnail570 x 456 pxTeam Logo170 x 100 pxItem Listing800 x 1000 px

Etsy Cover Photo VS Small Banner

It is important to understand that both the Etsy banners and the Etsy cover photos show up in the same place on your account/homepage. However, Etsy cover photos are larger and are mobile-friendly as compared to the small banners that only show up when viewed on the computers.

Top 3 Best Etsy Banner Practices And Tips For The Website:

As complicated as the Etsy shop banner might seem, it is rather simple yet attractive when viewed on your homepage. They are responsible for boosting your business and are considered to be the face of your products, which makes it even more important to make use of the Etsy banner size in the best possible manner.

Here are the best three techniques that are considered to be the best banner practices:

1) Showcase Your Etsy Store

As sellers, it is important to make sure that the buyers who land up on the store page are able to see what the store is all about. This is the best way to attract the audience and encourage them to purchase your products.

Make sure to showcase your products in a clean, organized, and attractive manner to keep customers interested.

2) Avoid Clustering The Page

Try to maintain the website as clean and simple as possible and avoid clustering, especially in the case of profile photos or Etsy banners.

Try and organize the banner in a rather organized fashion using graphics that can be immediately recognized with high resolution.

3) Try And Use Dramatic And Contrasting Colors

Try and use colors that are attractive, eye-catching, capture attention, and boost the features of the products in the Etsy banner. Such as contrasting colors or bright colors against the white background.

You can also make use of the Glorify App to create attractive yet professional Etsy banners, here’s how:

  • Login into, and click on Browse
  • Select the platform and the size of your Etsy banner
  • Choose the best template that fits your business well from the templates available. Or, filter as per the Theme/Niche
  • Now, click on ‘Use This Template’
  • Start customizing! Add the product photo, add a background, fill in the text, etc
  • Once you are ready and are happy with the banner, simply download it in the format you require.

To Conclude:

In Etsy, having a strong and attractive visual representation for the potential customers helps enhance the website with a professional look. Make sure to refer to the article above to view the perfect sizes and tips to enhance your perfect social media account. This is important as credibility could be an issue on the site, to show you’re legit and treating the business in the right way. It will also aid the purpose of branding and make the platform/your store more memorable and unique.

FAQs: The Perfect Etsy Banner Size-2021

1. How to make an Etsy banner?

Here’s how you can make an Etsy banner:

  • Go to templates and search for Etsy
  • Select the best template
  • Customize it as per your choice and preference
  • Change or add texts, graphics, colors, effects, etc
  • Add the product picture
  • Once satisfied, download and use the Etsy banner

2. What makes a good Etsy banner?

An Etsy cover photo that reflects your business, the products, is unique, and is able to provide the customers with a personal touch is considered to be a good banner or cover photo. Each cover photo is reflective of what they sell, and each one has its own personal touch of style, so, make sure to use these in the best manner, as per your choice.

3. How to make a good banner?

  • Make sure that the banner has the right placement
  • Use large/readable texts
  • Send across a simple message
  • Make sure to include all the necessary information
  • Make sure to use a high-quality cover photo

4. What should one put in an Etsy shop announcement?

It is recommended to add a few keywords in the first few lines to help the customers relate to the items that are being sold. You could also add a link to sign up for your email list to promote your social media handles.