Design SoundCloud Banner with Glorify

Soundcloud has brought musicians from their homes to fly all over the world. It’s insane to think that a basic SoundCloud profile such as yours could be seen by millions or even billions of users.

SoundCloud Banner with Glorify!

With Glorify, we deliver a range of different SoundCloud banner templates that are well before-designed to suit your requirements. If you are looking to create a SoundCloud banner, you can use Glorify to create one in less than 5 min.

Design a SoundCloud Banner with Glorify!

Use Glorify for a virtual SoundCloud banner to build an amazing cover in minutes.

We’ve everything for you, from artfully detailed templates to stylish types and images. You can also apply your logo to your banner.

  • Create a Glorify account and use our online design platform.
  • Pick your favorite design, images, shapes, and types from our large collection.
  • Upload your images, logo, or fonts to add a distinctive look to your banner.
  • Create the banner.
  • Save, install, and upload to your SoundCloud account page.

What’s are the dimensions of a SoundCloud banner?

The size of the SoundCloud banner is 2480 x 520 pixels and must be posted as either a JPEG. o r PNG. file formats. These files must remain within 2 MB as defined by the SoundCloud banner specifications.

Inside Glorify, we deliver a range of different SoundCloud banner templates that are well before-designed to suit your demands. If you are hoping to build a SoundCloud banner, you can use Glorify to design.

dimensions of a SoundCloud banner

What is the size of a  SoundCloud Profile Picture?

The picture size of the SoundCloud profile is at least 1000 by 1000 pixels. This is the 1:1 aspect ratio. You can post a profile picture with small sizes, such as 400 x 400 pixels, and if you’re looking for a high-quality picture, Glorify suggests1000 x 1000 pixels.

You can construct a perfect SoundCloud picture through Glorify’s free profile image-maker.

Final Thoughts-

If you’re using Soundcloud as an artist, a podcast, or a platform to explore new music, creating a good Soundcloud page and images can make a significant impact. Other than the audio you upload, the aesthetics are what will make you pop out among the dozens of other accounts on the site.

It only takes a couple of minutes to design a perfect SoundCloud banner with the correct size and shape. Your priority should be on making better audio, so fortunately we’ve given you leisure time to do that! Make a free SoundCloud banner with Glorify in few clicks!

Design a SoundCloud Banner with Glorify FAQs

1. What are the things you can do to create an amazing SoundCloud Banner?

1. Connected Images

2. Minimalist Styles

3. Powerful References

2. Is it necessary to update your SoundCloud Bannerregularly?

You should always update and improve your SoundCloud Banner so that your audiences can be entertained and be up to date with your style and genre. Your SoundCloud Banner should reflect your personality as an artist and keep your listeners happy.

3. Can anyone create a free SoundCloud Banner?

You can now easily create a stunning SoundCloud Banner with the help of Glorify in a couple of minutes. All you just need to do is to create an account on Glorify and then you can enjoy your 14-day trial period to create amazing SoundCloud Banners. Don’t worry, at the end of your 14th day you can subscribe to any of the suitable plan offered by Glorify with a small subscription fee, this one-time payment can save your thousands of dollars spent on a graphic designer for a SoundCloud Banner.