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In short, the answer is no. If you take a screenshot the person who posted it will not be alerted through the Instagram story screenshot notification 2022.

Glorify brings you an elaborate article about the history of Instagram stories and the Instagram story screenshot notification.

Instagram feature: The shuttered Instagram story screenshot notification 2022

The concept of vanishing text was first created by Snapchat to allow users to send personal messages or share information they did not want to be permanently available online. If viewers captured their posts as screenshots, it counted as a breach of confidentiality.

As a result, in February, Instagram introduced a function that notified users when a screenshot of their story was taken by a viewer.

instagram story screenshot

When a screenshot of a story was taken, a tiny starburst icon appeared next to the username of the person who took it. This information could be viewed on the Story Details.

What Instagram did not foresee was that IG users weren’t really worried about people screenshotting their stories. The benefit of stories for most consumers was not privacy. Instead, they saw it as a way of uploading new content without messing up the aesthetics of their feed.

To make a long story short, users expressed their dislike of the new feature and the Instagram story screenshot notification was removed in June 2018.

instagram story screenshot notification 2021

Instagram Story Screenshots: Finishing Thoughts

Still feeling paranoid about clicking that screenshot? Don’t be! Feel free to capture all the fun, informative and aesthetic pictures from Insta stories without worrying about a notification popping up!

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1. What is Instagram Story Viewer?

Instagram Story Viewer is an online platform for instant, temporary stories. It is a completely free tool and works without registration.

2. Is there a symbol for unlimited access to Instagram story highlights?

Yes, there is a symbol with two variants: linear and colored. They support those who regularly use Instagram and want to modify their profiles. You can create fun categories for your stories and save them in your profile. Unlimited Instagram story highlights is free of charge for both personal and business use.

3. How do you create an Instagram highlight?

Click your profile picture on the bottom right and go to your profile. Tap the “+” key below your bio to create a whole new highlight. Simply search your Instagram archive, pick the stories you would like to highlight and choose a name for that specific highlight.